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phone systems

Business Phone Systems Is your current office phone system creating a disconnect? It may be time for an upgrade. Communication technology seems to be evolving at the speed of light, but what about your current phone system? It’s easy to take that receiver for granted, despite its age, focusing more on the flashier tech around your office space or in your pocket. The truth is, the...

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software updates

Software Updates Software updates can feel like an unimportant hassle, but there’s a lot more to them than you might realize… You know those little pop-ups that appear when you open an application or program, prompting you to “Update Now”? If you’re like 95% of folks, you probably click “Remind Me Later…” Or maybe “ Remind Me Tomorrow.” Updating procrastination is a real thing, and it impacts...

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cybersecurity checklist

Cybersecurity Tips Is it possible to be 100% protected from cyber attacks? No. But it is possible to drastically reduce your risk, and it’s easier than you might think. You’re busy, have a lot to juggle in your day-to-day, and it’s easy to let virtual security take a backseat. You’ve never had an issue before, so what are the odds? Plus, it’s not like you’re a high-risk...

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buy surveillance camera

Security Cameras Time to invest in a camera surveillance system? We agree. Now you just need to find the perfect setup for your needs. Saying you want to buy a security camera system is a little like saying you want to buy a car: perfectly valid, but not very specific. There are loads of options to choose from, ranging from simple workhorses that offer all the features...

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indoor and outdoor cameras

Security Cameras Ready to ramp up security with a new camera system? Smart move! Just remember: not all security cameras are created equal, or designed for the same purposes. The features and capabilities may be different, but the benefits are universal: nothing provides peace of mind like security surveillance for your home or commercial property. Whether you have a pesky problem you’re trying to resolve, or want...

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