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Blue illuminated fiber optic cables

It just got even easier to merge the simple efficiency of your office phone line with the new reality of remote working. The way we work, connect, and collaborate is always changing. Add today’s demand for remote working capabilities, and you’ve just forced the innovation process into warp speed. These tectonic shifts created fresh opportunities for tools like Microsoft Teams, a platform designed to keep people connected,...

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illustration of computer and digital scammers

Sound familiar? You know your business needs a strong cybersecurity posture, but aren’t really sure what steps you should take You need tactical insight and direction as you make larger IT and security decisions You don’t need (or want) to become an expert yourself - just to be educated and aware of the basics of cybersecurity   You’re in the right place. Cybersecurity isn’t a small topic or...

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illustration of girl siting in computer looking for security errors

You’ve heard the saying: “Trust, but verify.” In this case, we never trust and always verify. In today’s online world, your network is the lifeblood of your organization. You rely on its safety and efficiency at every point, from keeping remote workers connected to securely storing data. To keep this virtual architecture safe, cybersecurity tools and protocols are always evolving and it's imperative that you keep...

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edge computing

What is edge computing? It means your data is processed closer to home, resulting in better security, less latency, greater bandwidth, and more network stability.Let’s unpack that. Have you ever been excited to see a certain store opening a location nearby? Finally, right? Now you can get those [insert favorite product] without the 45-minute drive. That’s really what edge computing is all about. Right now your...

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the metaverse

It’s a brave new world out there… Is the metaverse a viable business opportunity, or a fad? The metaverse is a collection of digital worlds where people can meet, operate businesses, create, travel, and do life. It focuses on connection without real-world limitations, all within an immersive, beautiful experience. Science fiction aside, the concept isn’t new. Think about the hugely popular SIMS games that allowed you...

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