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Audio and Video Cables: Compare and Contrast

Audio and Video Cables: Compare and Contrast

Some members of the Teltek staff attended a seminar provided by Rapid Run on the basics of connecting Audio/Video components. We thought this information may be useful to our blog readers so keep reading to learn more about various options for business or home components.

Analog vs Digital Audio /Video Signals:

Analog Video Signals:

  • Good: Composite video = Single piece of Coax for all Video
  • Better: S Video = (4 PIN Mini Din) = 2 Coax Cables (one for color, one for light and dark)
  • Best: Component Triple Coax. Sometimes called RGB; Supports HDTV

Digital Video Signals

  • Good: Digital Video Interface (DVI): Connects to displays but does not provide audio
  • Better: High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI): Voice and Video; Designed for consumer market.  Different versions perform different functions.
  • Display port often used to connect computer to TV’s; 3 meter length limit

Analog Audio

  • Good: 3.5 mm – dual ring stereo audio (L and R channel); common found on IPODS/CD/etc = PC based
  • Better: RCA: Offers Stereo Audio (Common Red/White Plugs)

Digital Audio:

  • Good: RCA S/PDIF Coax Cable
  • Better: Toslink: Fiber optic originated by Toshiba;  5 meter length limit


  • Supports 7.1 Surround Sound, 3D/HD TV; Video/Audio in one cable
  • Length is dependent on source and monitor, environment, user preference, quality of cable

Rules of Thumb for Maximum Effective Cable Lengths

  • Composite: V 250’
  • SD: 150’
  • Component: 150’
  • HDMI: 20 Meters
  • Digital Audio :50’
  • Toslink Digital  Audio: 5 Meters

Contact Teltek for the installation of all of your conference/boardroom audio-video needs. Providing installation for the following: Flat Panel TV’s, Plasmas, Monitors, Digital Signage, Projectors, Surround Sound, Overhead Music, Paging and Audio Systems and Boardroom Presentation Systems. If you have questions about data cabling, please visit our Structured Cabling page.

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