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Teltek Continues to Strengthen Partnership with Avaya

Teltek Continues to Strengthen Partnership with Avaya

Throughout our website and other marketing materials, we mention that Teltek is a “Certified Avaya Business Partner.”  Even though Avaya has over 2000 partners in North America, Teltek is 1 of only 200 partners that are in the Tier 1 program. With this added level of exclusivity, Teltek has the utmost backing of the Avaya brand. Additionally, Teltek is in the process of filing for SME (Small-Medium Enterprise) Expert status with Avaya, which will distinguish us further as a dealer. This relationship is very important when deciding to purchase from a telecommunications company. More often than not, someone will use a gray market vendor. Even if they may a reputable company, they lack the full access to Avaya. This includes technical support, inventory parts and warranties for products. In the end, titles are just titles. It all comes down to this question: Would you ride a bike with no handlebars? Let Teltek steer you in the right direction!

For more information on Teltek’s products and services, contact one of our knowledgeable and friendly Account Executives at 1-866-9-TELTEK.

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