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Girl Power: The Women of Teltek

Girl Power: The Women of Teltek

Do not look for a swimsuit calendar here, it’s not that kind of “Women Of…” article!

At this point, you’ve heard enough about me and my struggles with technology. It’s a good time to introduce you to a few ladies I am honored to work with who do not struggle with technology. They are my “Sisters in Service Provider Issues” and the “Divas of Dial Tone”. Yes, girl power is alive and well at Teltek! We may not get as much glory as the sales force; consisting of Matt and John and we don’t get credit for saving the day like the super techs known as Bob, Mark, Dave and Jim, but these girls rock and I’m about to tell you why.




Debi is our fearless, and I mean fearless leader! She is the CEO of Teltek and a driving force behind the company’s creation and success. As the wife of Bob, the founder of Teltek, she’s been here from the beginning and has increased her responsibilities greatly since first joining the company. Not only does she manage the day-to-day financial and HR well-being of Teltek, but she also jumps in to help when a customer has a service issue.

 Her many years of experience have provided her with tremendous troubleshooting knowledge, which she has even used to get Teltek’s own server back on line. In addition to all of this, she is the mother of three great people, two of whom work for Teltek.



 Christy is our Office Manager and Project Manager extraordinaire! Do you need a 35 seat phone system installed? Call Christy! Are you moving to a new office building and want the transition to be as low stress as possible? Christy will make that happen! Every day she works to coordinate Teltek technicians with construction crews and service providers to meet impossible deadlines and overcome all the wrenches that get thrown into her well-designed plans. When she’s not juggling multiple projects at Teltek, she creates artistry in the form of cakes and blankets. Check out the Teltek logo cake she baked for an office party …unbelievable! If you’re having a baby and are lucky enough to be Christy’s friend, you may just get a baby blanket hand knit by her in the nursery’s colors.  


 Amy Holloman, Lindsey Nicoli, Emily Smith (from Left to right)

Lindsey is a full-time elementary school teacher, but works for Teltek on evenings, weekends and any time the school is closed for holidays or the summer (sounds an awful lot like 2 full time jobs to me! When does this girl ever get to relax?) Lindsey is a young, but seasoned Teltek veteran with experience in every thing from service calls to project management to special projects; last summer she created an awesome power point presentation for training new “Teltekians” (her word by the way) and this summer she is perfecting our CRM/Workflow system. Lindsey’s class recently won an award for designing a garden alongside of the special needs grade school students that she teaches! Check out the article here,

Lindsey is also instrumental in coordinating Teltek Karaoke nights; “ring-a-ling, it’s time to sing!”


These are the people I turn to for help when Girl on Wire is under fire, which happens um… let’s see…daily! So, here’s a special shout out to the Teltek sisterhood, YOU GIRLS RULE!!!


There must be other fantastic females out there, give your own sisters a shout out below!




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