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Girl On Wire – Stage Fright, Fight Or Flight?

Girl On Wire – Stage Fright, Fight Or Flight?

It takes a lot of courage to get up on any kind of stage. Whether it’s to speak, present an award, accept an award or perform in some way. It doesn’t matter if the crowd is 1 or 100 or more, it’s an intimidating place to be when all eyes are on you and the spectators behind those eyes have certain expectations.

This past weekend I was at the Reservoir Hill Festival in Baltimore City. It was a really great time and I would highly recommend attending it next year. This free to attend outdoor bash was sponsored by the St. Francis Neighborhood Center and featured ten bands, merchandise vendors and a food truck gathering. The Reservoir Hill community came together and pulled off a fantastic festival and the community spirit was evident.

One of the highlights of the event was a performance by Bosley, a local Baltimore band I had heard of, but never seen before. These guys and gals took the stage in their suits and retro dresses and belted out song after song, well-received by the crowd. It didn’t start off perfectly though…

Upon taking the stage, the band launched into the first number and after a lengthy lead-in, we started to realize something was amiss. It became apparent that the lead singer, Bosley Brown, had a non-working microphone. He tried a few times to fix it himself and signalled one of the technicians who ran up on stage and also attempted to remedy the situation.

The tech left the stage and Bosley grabbed an unused microphone, adjusted it to the height needed and started to sing. Mind you, he was balancing his guitar AND entertaining the crowd as all this was happening.

His facial expressions showed no stress or strain, he looked amused and determined as he overcame what would be a terrifying experience for just about anyone. The band was equally awesome, they kept smiling and playing along as if this was part of the act. When the song finally materialized with instruments and all vocals, the band Bosley was rewarded by a thunderous cheer from the mesmerized crowd of onlookers.

Bosley, performing at the Reservoir Hill Festival













It was a really fun evening. A good life lesson too. Most of us will have to get up on a stage at some point in our lives to give a speech, dance or perform in some other way. We will be judged by others not just by what we say or do, but by how we deliver the performance.

Is it given with humility and grace or is the tone one of arrogance and superiority? What happens when something goes wrong? Do you roll with it or run off to hide behind the curtain?

There are not many bands I follow. For me, becoming a fan results from an appreciation of stage presence as well as the music. Does the band engage the crowd? Do they seem to love what they do? Are they energetic and captivating? If all that is there and I like the sound, that band has a new fan.

Welcome to my playlist Bosley, I’m a fan 🙂

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