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Is voice mail a dinosaur? Coca-Cola thinks so

Is voice mail a dinosaur? Coca-Cola thinks so

is voicemail a dinosaur?


Coca-Cola, a global leader in the beverage industry, has elected to disconnect the feature on all of it’s phones at HQ in Atlanta. The company  believes the change will allow them “to simplify the way (they) work and increase productivity,”  per an internal memo,  Bloomberg reports.


In the age of the smartphone and unified communications, workers are more comfortable fielding emails or texts rather than having to manually scroll through and listen to voice mails on a land line phone.  This is even more prevalent with a younger workforce who as a group have largely ignored the concept of voice mail socially.


The decision will most certainly eliminate overlap in communications between land lines and smart phones. Experts predict that companies will eventually opt to remove land line based phones all together, rather choosing to rely on a truly mobile solution as part of their overall unified communications strategy.


What do you think?  Is voice mail a necessity?


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