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5 Important Considerations When Selecting A Business Telephone System

Phone Systems for Your Business: Premise or Cloud Based?

5 Important Considerations When Selecting A Business Telephone System

Business Telephone Systems

Choosing a business telephone system can be a tedious task with all of the research that has to be done. It is a large investment that requires careful analysis. When selecting a business telephone system, you may want to consider the following:


1. Is my business growing?

It is pretty obvious that as a business owner, you want your business to grow and expand. But what happens when your phone system can’t keep up? Cost is definitely taken into consideration when buying a business telephone system, but there is a hidden price to pay when the telephone system needs constant upgrading to accommodate your expanding business.

2. Is my business dependent upon the phone system?

Many organizations are phone dependent. If your business telephone system cannot handle large volumes of calls, or if calls continuously drop, your business runs the risk of losing sales. Worst of all, if the phone system goes down, for whatever reason, most businesses cannot function. Therefore, it is important to ensure that reliability is considered in your decision.

3. Are there multiple office locations?

It is typical for businesses to have multiple locations. With a single location, however, a business can keep the phone system pretty simple and basic. When your business starts to grow, you will need a business telephone system that can grow easily, making scalability and important decision-making factor. Additionally, with multiple locations, you want the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively between all office locations. With a more sophisticated system, you can achieve unified communications between all locations–even remote workers!

4. Does my workforce have remote workers?

The beauty about today’s technology is that you can have workers from all over the state, country, and even the world! The basic VoIP features are great for static offices, but when most of your employees are remote and always on-the-go, having a built-in mobile management is a “must have.”  Having a managed VoIP system allows you to transfer calls from wherever you are–whether it is at a coffee shop, airport or from your living room–and while using whatever phone you want (desk phone, computer, or mobile).

5. Do I need my phone system to generate revenue?

If your business depends on your phone system to generate revenue, you need a phone system that can pull its own weight. Managed VoIP services are just what you need because it is equipped to provide you with benefits that basic phone systems cannot provide. For instance, a managed VoIP can be configured to integrate with your company’s CRM, ERP, and other related apps. It can also help you gain information that will assist you in optimizing staff levels, job performance of employees and understanding your customers behavior.


The biggest question when choosing the right telephone system for your business is: who will be your phone provider? When selecting a provider, you want to consider what kind of technology they use, and how they intend to service your system in instances where issues arise, or when upgrades are needed. If you have questions about this blog or need help with choosing a service provider, we can help! Call us at 1.866.9.TELTEK, or visit our website! We look forward to hearing from you!



Teltek is a Certified Avaya Business Partner, NEC Dealer, Zultys, and Microsoft Partner with two locations in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. We specialize in providing one call technology support for small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia and Pennsylvania.


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