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December 2015

Teltek Trusted Innovation

Teltek Can Help You Get The Most out of Your Money! When it comes to your business, technology is fundamental. It needs to be effective and reliable, otherwise it can cause an adverse effect on your bottom line. With the rise in technology, over recent years, technology projects have become larger and more complex.   If you need to upgrade your office technology, Teltek can help--from sourcing vendors, to...

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With the exponential growth in technology over the recent years, it is difficult for businesses to keep up. Not only has there been changes in technology, but there has been changes in state laws, health care laws, minimum wage, etc., that are affecting businesses. All of these changes makes it easy for a businesses technology to be on low end on the totem pole.   However, what most business...

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Realiable IT Support Without Breaking the Bank

 You Don't Have to Break Your Piggy Bank! Running a business is costly--after all of the expenses, employee salaries and taxes are paid, what is left for the office technology budget? Most companies just leave it out all together and don't even plan a budget around IT. This leads companies to outsource all of its IT problems to a company on an "as-needed basis,"otherwise known as the...

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