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Convenience and Safety Every School Day with Teltek

Convenience and Safety Every School Day with Teltek

Convenience and Safety Every School Day with Teltek

Keeping everyone on the same page during the school day can be a pain—teachers aren’t always available to pick up their phones, you can’t always leave the office to walk down to the classroom with a note and e-mails can sit unread for days. Installing a loudspeaker paging system in your K-12 school is the best way to quickly communicate with teachers, increase safety and make your job a whole lot easier.


Easily Communicate

Communication in a K-12 school can be difficult, and a loudspeaker paging system is a great way to simplify things in and out of the classroom. Do you have morning announcements? An intercom system will allow everyone in the school to hear them at once, or you to only give the announcements to certain classrooms. Do you have a bell system or rely on teachers to dismiss their children at the right times? A loudspeaker paging system will make sure everyone is dismissed at the correct time and eliminate confusion over when classes end and begin. Teachers will also be able to communicate with the office through the press of a button to get questions quickly answered, request a nurse, or alert them of a situation in the classroom.


Make Your School Safer

Nobody wants to think about the potential consequences of a school without an easy and organized way to communicate messages throughout the building, but in today’s world being prepared for the worst is more important than ever. Teltek can install a reliable and efficient loudspeaker system for your school that comes equipped with lock-down and emergency settings so you are always prepared. Even on a daily basis, it is important to quickly communicate with teachers dismissing children to make sure that nobody gets on the wrong school bus. Keeping track of your students and making sure that they are always safe is top priority, and a loudspeaker paging system can make it simpler than ever.


Countless Customization Options

When you install a loudspeaker paging system in your school with Teltek, we can work with you to develop the perfect combination of features. Beyond basic voice paging, our intercom systems can include:

  • Individual classroom intercoms with call buttons
  • Programmable bell schedules
  • Different paging groups and zones to talk to individual sections of the building
  • Door control
  • Clocks
  • Tones (customizable to suit your needs)
  • Master clock management.

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