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Choose to Switch to SIP Before Your Copper Lines Disappear

Telephone Poles

Choose to Switch to SIP Before Your Copper Lines Disappear

Over the past few years, wireline telephone service providers, including large Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILEC)s such as Verizon and AT&T, have been gradually migrating their telephone customers from copper to fiber lines. This migration is already underway in Maryland and some Verizon customers have been advised of an immediate need to migrate off of copper services as early as September 2017 or be left without telephone/internet services!


This transition is mandatory in certain areas, but it’s optional in areas where a copper network continues to be maintained or a fiber network is not yet in place. Parts of Maryland that are not served by Verizon’s fiber network include Baltimore City, Western Maryland, Carroll County and the Eastern Shore.


Some customers in the optional areas have refused the switch to fiber because in the event of a power outage, copper line service stays functional while fiber does not, unless a backup battery is installed.


Most copper customers will eventually need to switch to fiber for these reasons:


  1. Some telephone service providers have stopped repairing problems that occur within the copper infrastructure and there is simply just not enough copper lines to meet the demand.


  1. Customers continuing to use copper when fiber is available can expect to experience costs upwards of 10% annually as “encouragement” to make the switch.


If you’re looking for a way to leave copper lines behind, but avoid fiber, consider SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking. SIP trunking uses VoIP technology over the internet, so it’s a reliable and affordable option to copper landlines and fiber.


In the event of a power outage or Internet failure, SIP trunk calls can be automatically re-routed to an alternate office location or to mobile devices to prevent costly downtime. Additionally, a company can elect to have redundant internet services at their place of business, enabling SIP trunks to have multiple pathways, also greatly limiting downtime.


Click here to learn about additional benefits of SIP trunking and make the switch now before the choice is made for you.


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