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7 Cloud Questions Every Business Needs to Ask

7 Cloud Questions Every Business Needs to Ask

7 Cloud Questions Every Business Needs to Ask

Demand for cloud services is on the rise thanks to businesses realizing the flexibility, affordability and scalability of the cloud. However, continued high-profile attacks at major corporations continue to shine a light on the importance of cloud security.

A recent report found that sensitive corporate data is regularly leaked on file-sharing services, with almost 16% of the data on file-sharing sites being confidential corporate information. If your business utilizes the cloud, ask yourself these questions for a security check-up.


7 Cloud Questions to Prevent Data Breaches


  1. What is your business’s policy for sensitive data and file sharing?
    Across industries, about 25% of employees will upload confidential files to the cloud without a policy in place prohibiting doing so.
  2. Are cloud-based applications that you use being monitored?
    You should always invest in cloud monitoring to rapidly sense any problems and mitigate the damage.
  3. How responsive is your IT department?
    If you are partnered with a company like Teltek that will proactively monitor your cloud system to safeguard against breaches, you will benefit from enhanced security.
  4. Are you ready for the Internet of Things?
    If you haven’t taken the time to make a plan for safeguarding your most sensitive data on a variety of devices, including cell phones and tablets, you might be in for a rude awakening if a breach occurs.
  5. How do you protect employee credentials?
    Two-factor authentication might seem like a pain, but it is the best way to prevent the leaking of credentials from compromising your system.
  6. Can employees use their own devices?
    Systems like Avaya IP Office allow for employees to use their own phones, tablets and more, but having a bring-your-own-device policy without any security safeguards in place can lead to breaches and compromised information.
  7. Do you have the right tools?
    While many businesses are using VPN networks, less than 35% indicated that firewalls and data encryption were being utilized. Securing your cloud and applications should always be a priority.


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