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What Every Small Business Needs to Know About Ransomware

What Every Small Business Needs to Know About Ransomware

When it comes to ransomware, what your small business doesn’t know could hurt you. Small and mid-sized businesses are prime targets for ransomware, as many do not have robust security systems in place and make for easy targets. A whopping 43% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses, and that number is rising every year. What does every small business need to know and understand about the threat of ransomware?


Ransomware Affects Every Business

The number of attacks every year is increasing, and the FBI recently stated that over 4,000 ransomware attacks occur every day on individuals and businesses. By the end of 2019, security experts predict that ransomware attacks will occur at one business in the United States every 14 seconds.


Because many small and mid-sized business assume that an attack would never happen to them, their systems are very easy to take advantage of. Smaller companies are also often smaller risks. Because there are so many businesses that fall victim to ransomware, a single small business is far down the list of victims for the FBI and will receive much less attention than a high-profile breach.


Why Is Ransomware Dangerous?

As the name indicates, ransomware is a type of dangerous software that holds your files, system or network hostage until you pay a ransom. Ransomware will convert your files into things that cannot be read without the right key. In most cases, the “key” only comes after negotiating with hackers and paying up. Depending on the skill of the hacker, files might be permanently corrupted or need to be changed back manually one by one.


This type of cyberattack is also dangerous because files that are encrypted are very hard to recover without paying the ransom.  Even if you partner with professionals like the experts at Teltek, the process to recover what is lost is much more expensive an extensive than investing in security measures and training up-front.


How Can You Protect Your Business?

  • Install, update and utilize anti-virus software
  • Rely on a cybersecurity expert like Teltek to keep your business safe
  • Don’t click on banners and advertisements in the sidebar on websites, even if you’re familiar with the host site
  • Always update your browsers as soon as there is an update available
  • Virus scan all files when you download them and before opening
  • Train your employees in how to identify phishing emails


Ransomware Prevention by Teltek

Teltek is a leader in digital security systems designed to protect your business from ransomware and other malware attacks. If you are ready to learn more about Teltek and our security solutions, contact us today for a free consultation at 1-866-9-TELTEK or 410-552-6580.

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