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Why Is Call Reporting Such a Great Avaya IP Office Feature?

Avaya IP Office

Why Is Call Reporting Such a Great Avaya IP Office Feature?

How many calls does your business or call center get on the average day? When you rely on calls for customer service, placing orders and other critical parts of your business, you need to have copies of them, be able to monitor them and keep an eye on the outcome of each call. Avaya Call Reporting makes it easier than ever before to track all of the call data and recordings you need. If your business has a high volume of telephone calls or uses a call center, how could Call Reporting from Avaya IP Office change your workflow forever?

Simple and Diverse Reports

Avaya IP Office’s Call Reporting feature has over 50 standard reports along with the option to make custom reports. You can use reports to follow individual calls from start to finish and compile information on each inbound, outbound or internal call at your business. With custom reports, you have plenty of options as to what metrics you measure and how they are compiled. You can also brand your custom reports and tailor presets to get what your company or call center needs.

Customized Dashboards

Avaya IP Office Call Reporting allows your customer service agents and employees to have access to a customizable dashboard. With everything needed to make and analyze calls in one place, it’s easy to stay productive. The dashboard has numerous unique widgets that are specially designed to add value to each call and meet your organizational metrics. You can integrate your Call Reporting dashboard with other CRMs including Salesforce.

Recording Library for Your Reference

Depending on the needs of your business, you can integrate the recording library from the Call Reporting feature with Avaya IP Office Voicemail Pro. This integration makes it easy for you to assess call quality and increase report quality. Concerned about a specific employee? You can view calls by employee and listen to specific calls. Did you receive a complaint about a specific call? You can look up the exact call and review it to see exactly what happened. You can customize what calls are kept and how long they are stored.


The Avaya Call Reporting Reports

Some of the standard reports included in the Call Reporting extension of Avaya IP Office suite include:

  • Calls by Account Code
  • Calls by External Summary
  • Local Number Inbound Calls
  • Tag Summary
  • Agent Calls & Summary (Inbound, Outbound, etc.)
  • Call Cost & Summary
  • Calls by Caller ID
  • Group Summary
  • Calls by Call Direction
  • Lists of Calls (Inbound, Outbound, External Party, Caller ID, etc.)
  • Trunk Usage

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