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What to Look for in an Avaya Partner

What to Look for in an Avaya Partner

You’ve determined (for a whole host of good reasons) that you want an Avaya phone system. Now, you’re looking for an Avaya partner in Maryland – and you’re beginning to realize that there are quite a few providers to choose from.


How will you choose? In other words: What makes an Avaya partner worth working with?


At Teltek, we’ve been providing Avaya solutions to Maryland businesses for over two decades. Over that time, we’ve seen companies come and go, and we’ve talked to and heard from hundreds of clients about their experiences with good and bad phone providers. There’s a lot that goes into a successful phone system – but we’ve found that, most often, the following five considerations are critically important.


Here’s what you should look for in an Avaya partner.


1. Legitimate Avaya Partnership

This sounds redundant, but it’s worth noting at the top of this list. When you look for an Avaya partner, make sure that they’re really an Avaya partner.


Avaya actually has an entire page on their site dedicated to explaining the dangers of unauthorized phone system sales. According to Avaya, unauthorized resellers “have not been granted by Avaya a license to distribute or to sublicense any Avaya proprietary products.”


Avaya goes on to note that, “Unauthorized resellers… may mix gray, refurbished, or counterfeit, products but misrepresent them as new, authentic products.” The bottom line is that some companies present themselves as Avaya vendors but aren’t authorized – and if you work with a company like this, you may receive merchandise that’s not of the highest quality.


Additionally, illegitimate Avaya partners don’t have access to Avaya support or product warranties, which can make maintenance more difficult and expensive.


Altogether, it’s pretty clear that working with authorized Avaya partners is important. To ensure that the provider you’re considering is authorized, contact Avaya for confirmation.


2. Customer-Focused Solutions

Once you’ve confirmed that your potential Avaya partner is authorized to sell and support Avaya products, a second critical consideration is this: Will the company sell you the best solution for your needs, or the best sale for their business?


It’s far better, of course, to work with an Avaya partner who will prioritize your needs over a sales quota. This may result in cost-efficiency, and it will certainly result in technology that’s better-suited to your business needs.


So, how can you tell if the provider you’re considering is customer-focused? Look for signs like:


They offer options.

This is one of the most tangible ways to determine if a company has a customer focus. If a provider is recommending one system or series of products and discouraging you from considering any alternatives, they may be more focused on selling you a specific solution than on selling you the right fit.


If they provide a range of options for you to consider – product variations and maybe even alternate brands – you can have more peace of mind that they’re working to find the best system for you.


They take time to uncover your needs.

If a provider jumps too quickly into a solution without assessing your business and needs, it’s a bad sign. (This is important, and we’ll cover it in more detail shortly.)


You can tell they care.

Yes, this final point is a bit soft and abstract, but it’s important: your intuition – your gut – will often tell you if a provider is more focused on helping you or making a sale. If a provider seems sales-y, they probably are. Work with people you trust.


3. Onsite Assessment

We mentioned that a customer-focused Avaya partner will take time to uncover your needs. The best sign of this is that the provider will do an onsite assessment before any solution is sold.


At Teltek, we’ve found that onsite assessments often turn up unforeseen challenges or opportunities that greatly impact phone system selection. One company we worked with, for example, was considering a certain solution and wanted to move forward. When we did the onsite assessment, however, we found that their cabling was outdated and would require replacement in order to facilitate the new system. This information – that wouldn’t have been available through simple sales calls – helped them to make a better decision.


Ask your potential Avaya partner if they perform onsite assessments before implementing solutions.


4. Transition Expertise

It’s also important that your Avaya partner has expertise in managing transitions and installations. This might seem like a given, but many providers are more product-sellers than they are project managers. Their focus may be more directed toward getting the equipment to you than toward making sure it actually works in your environment.


At Teltek, we’re experts at making installations and transitions seamless. Our team offers products and superior project management. In fact, when you choose an Avaya system from us, we’ll only make the switch to the new system when we can guarantee that it’s ready to go.


5. Client Affirmation

Finally, the best Avaya partners are affirmed by their clients.


A good provider will be able to give you case studies and references showcasing their successful work. Ideally, they’ll be able to offer examples that are relevant to your industry and business context. If they can’t – or if they have a limited portfolio – you may want to consider other options.


At Teltek, we’re proud to have high ratings on Google, Yelp, and Clutch. We’re most proud, though, of the stories our clients tell:


“Teltek continually exceeds our expectations and has helped to make us a more efficient workplace… Teltek has made my job easier and has always provided dependable support.”


“They always listen to the needs of the client and are easy to work with, making the experience a pleasant one!” 


“We were very happy with the implementation… The techs were approachable and professional and the job was done fast and correct.”


Look for an Avaya partner that has plenty of client affirmation.


Ready to Choose the Right Avaya Partner?

Hopefully, the information here has been helpful as you consider how to select an Avaya partner.


If you’re ready to move forward with an Avaya solution from a provider you can trust, we’d love to hear from you.


At Teltek, we’re a Maryland-based business serving healthcare, education, manufacturing, office buildings, senior housing and long-term care facilities, and nonprofits with better phone services.


We always come onsite to perform an assessment before you’re a client. We don’t sell solutions before we know the context we’re dealing with. And we’ll always ensure your solution is working before we make a switch.


And, importantly, we’ll never push you toward a single brand or solution – we offer a range of products, and we’ll make sure you get the system that’s the best fit.


If you’re in Maryland or the DC area and you’re looking for an Avaya partner that will have your best interests in mind, give us a call or contact us online to take the first step today.

Chris Nicoli

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