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Max Meeting Improvements Now Available

Max Meeting Improvements Now Available

Teltek now offers our customers improvements to Max Meeting, an affordable audio, and video web collaboration tool that is part of the Nebulosity cloud PBX collaboration suite. These innovations offer improved usability, security, and noise suppression, among other factors. Let’s look at some of the improvements now available.


What’s New with Max Meeting


One cool new feature included in Max Meeting is the ability to add your virtual background to virtual calls. This feature allows you to turn a potentially messy or boring background into a backdrop that’s clean and simple, or perhaps one that’s more colorful and fun. With this feature, you can choose any image from your computer, so it will look like you are calling from a scenic mountain top or the set of your favorite television show.


New Security Tool


Max Meeting has added a security button to the taskbar. This will make it easier to lock meetings, manage the waiting room, and manage participant controls. Other tools have been added to ensure the safety of your meetings, including random meeting IDs, randomly generated meeting passwords, and removing the meeting ID from the title bar. The meeting host can also now stop a participant’s share, disable chat during active meetings, and limit screen sharing to applications only.


Added Noise Suppression


Working from home has its challenges, especially when you need a quiet environment in order to make a call. Max Meeting now offers advanced noise suppression that will automatically remove distracting noises. This includes noises like paper crunching, keyboard typing, or dog barking. This creates a better meeting experience for all involved and helps avoid potentially embarrassing moments for the user.


Other Max Meeting Enhancements


Max Meeting now offers some other handy tools for users. For example, the invite participants button has been moved from the Max Meeting taskbar to the new security button. The annotation feature has also been enhanced, allowing for multiple whiteboard pages, stamps, line color and width formats, and the ability to save screenshots. All of these improvements are aimed at creating a better customer experience that enhances usability and makes hosting an online meeting more efficient and effective.


Teltek Can Connect You with Max Meeting


Teltek is a leader in information technology services. We offer a proprietary approach to meeting any business’s needs and want to help your company find the right IT system that works best for your needs. If you are ready to learn more about Teltek, contact us today for a free consultation at 1-866-9-TELTEK or 410-552-6580.

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