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January 2021

hand touching world globe showing communication with 5g letters

5G networks continue to roll out and it is likely the technology is already available in your area. 5G offers improved speed over 4G LTE networks with even the slowest 5G networks providing speeds faster than the majority of 4G LTE offerings. The difference between 4G LTE and 5G will impact how businesses operate, providing a wealth of new options that can bring increased functionality...

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man in suit pointing to digital service illustration hologram

Cloud computing has made it so that businesses can purchase technology services from vendors anywhere in the world. While the technology can come from anywhere, there is value in picking a local technology vendor that can provide excellent customer service on top of a first-class technology solution. A vendor close to home offers several benefits over a faceless national provider. Why You Should Select a Local...

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woman working from home in laptop

The MetaSwitch platform provides a valuable service to businesses that want to connect their voice service with unified communications technologies. The MetaSwitch Contact Center allows for businesses that require call center activities to move to a 100% cloud solution.  It provides the security and reliability of a traditional call center, but can greatly reduce your costs. The Value of a MetaSwitch Contact Center Many premise-based call centers...

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hands holding cellphone and laptop showing microsoft teams in screens

In May of 2020, Microsoft acquired MetaSwitch, one of the world’s leaders in cloud communication technologies. The MetaSwitch solution allows for users to essentially merge their traditional telephone lines – even ones that use old-school copper lines – with digital services like those offered in Microsoft Teams. When fully integrated, the Microsoft MetaSwitch tool will help businesses consolidate communication functions. What is Metaswitch? Metaswitch has long been...

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