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Why It’s Important to Keep Software Updated

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Why It’s Important to Keep Software Updated

We’ve all gotten those annoying messages: “Update software now to the latest version” with a box to either do it right then or wait for another time. As you already know, most people choose to wait – not wanting to wait for their computer to download the new version and restart to keep software updated. These updates, though, are necessary, especially for business-wide applications and programs. Let’s look at why.

Keep Software Updated to Ensure Security

Why does software need to be updated? The main reason is security. The company offering the software has discovered a vulnerability, either through its research or from a security incident. They’ve created a patch that closes that vulnerability. Without that patch, the old software system is still susceptible to that specific attack. That could provide hackers with an entry into your overall system, giving them access to things like employee records, financial information, or intellectual property.

How Patch Management Gets Overlooked

It is imperative to keep software updated, but businesses sometimes let it slide, just like regular users do with their personal computer. Information technology staff know the benefits of updating software, but some companies – namely small and even mid-sized operations – do not always have a person dedicated solely to IT. If it is just a single person, it is possible they are overwhelmed with other tasks or simply forgot. Sadly, these types of things do happen, but the results can be catastrophic. With multiple systems running, it may be too much for an employee to manage, and mistakes do happen.

The Value of Managed Services

This is one key area where managed services provide tremendous benefit. Managed services providers ensure you have the technology your business needs to be successful, but also ensure that technology is always up to date. Managed services providers consistently monitor vendor patches and install them, so your technology continues to run safely. While it may seem simple, approximately 60% of cyber breaches in 2019 involved unpatched vulnerabilities. As a technology provider, we know that the constant barrage of patches can be overwhelming and frankly annoying, but they are important.

Teltek Can Help Your Company Keep Software Current

Teltek offers a proprietary approach to meeting any business’s needs and wants to help your company integrate the right cybersecurity solutions into your business workflows. If you are ready to learn more about Teltek or our cybersecurity offerings, contact us today for a free consultation at 1-866-9-TELTEK or 410-552-6580.

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