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The Value of Technology Expense Management

The Value of Technology Expense Management

Let’s ask a simple question that we both already know the answer to: Would you like to save a boatload of money on your technology spend? Teltek has been helping clients do that with our Technology Expense Management service, better known as TEM. We’ve found that in just one year our customers can cut technology costs by up to 45%. Let’s learn how.

How Technology Expense Management Works

Created to help telecom companies manage their expenses, technology expense management takes an inventory of all your technology assets. Our experts take this information and ensure you and your team use fully optimized solutions. Many times, businesses find themselves overpaying or not fully utilizing some solutions that can be re-negotiated or scaled back.

Technology Expense Management allows your business to get rid of the tools you never benefitted from, optimize the effectiveness of those that you do use, and gain a transparent understanding of your technology service contracts, among other benefits.

Looking at Technology Long-Term

By optimizing your current technology spend, you not only save money but can plan expenses to match up with future goals. The pandemic presents a perfect example. As a business owner, you may want to dedicate more assets to remote work and downsize your existing office location. Technology Expense Management can help you understand what you have, what you need, and what that may cost.

Without this service, you are left to guess. You may be paying for unused services or for services that only a small handful of employees use. Most organizations use dozens of different technology services, which can lead to costly overlap. Some key services targeted with Technology Expense Management include:

  • Wireline Telecom and Internet Expense Management
  • Wireless Telecom and Internet Expense Management
  • Business Equipment (Printers/Copiers/Scanners/MFP)
  • Merchant Services
  • Energy Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Human Resources and Business Services

Teltek has helped businesses streamline their technology services for more than 30 years. We work as a partner to your organization, helping you find the technology solutions your business needs to be successful at a fair and affordable price. You are likely paying too much for your technology infrastructure. Let us help you get those costs down.

Teltek Can Help With All Your Technology Needs

Teltek offers a proprietary approach to meeting any business’s needs and wants to help your company integrate the right cloud solutions into your business workflows. If you are ready to learn more about Teltek and Microsoft MetaSwitch, contact us today for a free consultation at 1-866-9-TELTEK or 410-552-6580.

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