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December 2021

buy surveillance camera

Security Cameras Time to invest in a camera surveillance system? We agree. Now you just need to find the perfect setup for your needs. Saying you want to buy a security camera system is a little like saying you want to buy a car: perfectly valid, but not very specific. There are loads of options to choose from, ranging from simple workhorses that offer all the features...

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indoor and outdoor cameras

Security Cameras Ready to ramp up security with a new camera system? Smart move! Just remember: not all security cameras are created equal, or designed for the same purposes. The features and capabilities may be different, but the benefits are universal: nothing provides peace of mind like security surveillance for your home or commercial property. Whether you have a pesky problem you’re trying to resolve, or want...

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security cameras

Security Cameras There’s a lot to love about having the right security camera system. Thanks to ever-improving options, features, and increased accessibility, people are enjoying the peace of mind that comes from home security cameras too. Remote access and surveillance makes it easy to see who’s knocking on your door, check on a delivered package, or make sure your pet’s happy and safe while you’re at work. The...

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Log4j Vulnerability fingerprint diagram

Dear Partners, Teltek has been made aware of a vulnerability flaw in Log4j. This could potentially affect some Teltek customers so we are proactively taking action to ensure your network remains secure. What is the Log4j Vulnerability? The flaw in Log4j, a Java library for logging error messages in applications, is the most high-profile security vulnerability on the internet right now and comes with a severity score of...

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small business protection

Small Business Security Is hacking your small business a waste of time, or are you a prime target? Let’s say you own a small business with 25 employees. Nothing too dramatic happens, your computer systems work as you need them to (minus the occasional hiccup here and there), and you feel good overall. The last thing on your mind are cybersecurity threats. Why would anyone go after...

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cybersecurity insurance

Cybersecurity Insurance Your physical assets are insured, but what about your online assets? With so much of our life, business, and transactions taking place online, it stands to reason that the data we share and store is growing more extensive as well. There’s a certain comfort level these days too with sharing even the most sensitive info, from credit card numbers to patient details within a medical...

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