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February 2022

facial recognition

They’re always watching… but do they recognize you? Okay, we made it sound a little foreboding, but facial recognition can honestly be a bit of a spooky topic depending on who you talk to. On one hand, it’s nice to just look at your phone and have it unlock for you. That’s a convenient, immediate application of facial recognition software. No passcodes or extra steps, plus...

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voip cost

Considering VoIP for your business? Factoring costs is important, but the real consideration is how much you’ll save. With so many businesses taking their network to the cloud, moving your phone services online is a logical next step. You may have heard the term, but in case you aren’t completely familiar, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In this scenario, all your calls and communications...

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business phone

We may live in a digital world where there’s a huge emphasis on your website and social media presence, but your phone number is still as important and relevant as ever. Clients have it saved to their contacts for quick access, it’s printed on marketing material or signage, and it’s on all those business cards you gave away at the conference last year. It’s out there,...

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Telecommunications Acronyms and Definitions If you aren’t well-versed in the telecommunications industry, the terms and acronyms we toss around can sound like a different language. Consider this glossary your very own Rosetta Stone, hopefully helping you crack the code and better understand your phone system, network, and future options. And, if you need a translator, the Teltek team is here to help.     What is telephony? It’s a little...

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