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March 2022

edge computing

What is edge computing? It means your data is processed closer to home, resulting in better security, less latency, greater bandwidth, and more network stability.Let’s unpack that. Have you ever been excited to see a certain store opening a location nearby? Finally, right? Now you can get those [insert favorite product] without the 45-minute drive. That’s really what edge computing is all about. Right now your...

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the metaverse

It’s a brave new world out there… Is the metaverse a viable business opportunity, or a fad? The metaverse is a collection of digital worlds where people can meet, operate businesses, create, travel, and do life. It focuses on connection without real-world limitations, all within an immersive, beautiful experience. Science fiction aside, the concept isn’t new. Think about the hugely popular SIMS games that allowed you...

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voice recognition

Just say the word… Speech recognition technology has grown by leaps and bounds, changing the way we interact with our technology. Voice recognition technology allows your verbal instructions to be interpreted and understood by a device, eliciting a specific response. In other words, rely less on direct input like typing, and more on spoken commands and cues. Sounds like the stuff of science fiction? The tech has...

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