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Author: Teltek Blogger

Video conferencing might not be the newest technology on the block, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still a powerful way for businesses to connect with employees, customers and prospective employees. Why is video conferencing so good for business?   Make Meetings Simple Managing an audio conferencing, screen sharing, video conferencing and real-time instant messaging program can be exhausting and confusing. Using a simple, single streamlined video conferencing...

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Is your business using cloud computing? In only one year, it’s anticipated that 78% of small businesses will be completely adapted to the cloud. If you want to meet the needs and expectations of your current and future customers, cloud computing is the standard.   What’s Driving the Shift to the Cloud? Communication is at the heart of the sea change regarding cloud telecommunications and computing. Businesses need...

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When it comes to ransomware, what your small business doesn’t know could hurt you. Small and mid-sized businesses are prime targets for ransomware, as many do not have robust security systems in place and make for easy targets. A whopping 43% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses, and that number is rising every year. What does every small business need to know and understand...

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Managed Printing

How many times have you hit print only to find that the document you were relying on for a client or meeting can’t print due to a lack of paper or toner? If you’re like many small businesses throughout the country, this is a routine occurrence! Teltek offers managed printing solutions designed to take the guesswork out of printing documents, lower your investment and help...

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VoIP Security Threats Phone Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a powerful tool that helps businesses in the modern world to stay more connected than ever before. However, just like any new technology, there are also people who want to exploit the tool for their own gain. Every small business needs to know about the most common VoIP security threats and partner with a skill cybersecurity company like Teltek. The...

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Why Avaya IP Office

Collaboration is key in any office environment, particularly if your business is on the smaller size. Avaya IP Office is a compelling collaboration solution perfect for small groups, companies with remote workers and mid-sized businesses that need scalability. Why is Avaya IP Office such a winning telecommunications solution for small businesses?   The Biggest Reasons Why Avaya IP Office Is Perfect for Small Businesses   Flexible Deployment Options:...

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Upgrade Telecommunications Hardware

The phones that were on the cutting edge of technology a decade ago are now essentially glorified paperweights. Even newer pieces of telecommunications hardware can rapidly outlive their usefulness. How can you tell that it is time for your business to consider investing in upgraded telecommunications hardware?   You Have Performance Issues The more responsive that your telecommunications hardware is, the more that your workers will be able...

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Avaya IP Office for Small Business

Avaya IP Office is a powerful way to equip your small business with the affordable telecommunications technology you need to succeed. This solution has plenty to offer businesses of every size, but it’s particularly excellent for small businesses. With advanced reporting options, cutting-edge system customization and a suite of other new features, Avaya IP Office allows you to create a seamless and intuitive experience for...

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Teltek's Total Care Assurance

One of the most unique things that Teltek has to offer is our Total Care Assurance process. Over the course of our years in business, we have refined this process to meet the needs of small and mid-sized businesses just like yours. What is Teltek’s Total Care Assurance plan, and how can it better meet your office’s technology needs?   What Is Total Care Assurance? This program is...

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