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Teltek Blog

Autism is defined as a complex neurological disorder affecting both children and adults.   Autism is referred to as a spectrum disorder because the symptoms of autism can range from mild to severe and individual symptoms are unique from case to case.  Individuals with autism demonstrate difficulty with social interactions, verbal and nonverbal communication as well as unusual responses to stimuli. Autism occurs in approximately one in...

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Upset over proposed benefits changes, an estimated 50% of Verizon Communications’ Mid-Atlantic workforce went on strike Sunday morning at midnight. The strike came after Verizon announced a proposed contract that would freeze their worker’s pensions and require them to contribute to their health insurance premiums (might be a good time to quickly get your EHIC). What this means for you: Expect delays in new orders, repairs and...

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A Message from Paetec's CEO Photo and Content Source: Paetec Customer Connection Newsletter 8-9-11 Last week, we announced a definitive agreement that Windstream Communications would acquire PAETEC. This is an exciting announcement that I believe will strengthen how we support you and your business. For those who may not be familiar with Windstream, they are a $4 billion telecommunications provider listed...

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