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Teltek Blog

Cooling Unit for Server Room

Why Should You Keep Your Server Room Cool? Most likely, you have a dedicated space in your office where your computer equipment is maintained. This space is most often times referred to as the 'server room'. The server room is an essential part to any company's computer system. Having an effective cooling system for your server room is imperative. If your server room has poor air circulation...

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Public Cloud Benefits and Risks

Making the decision to migrate your business to the cloud can be difficult. What may be even more difficult is deciding which cloud computing option is right for your business. Let's start with the public cloud, and its benefits: Public Cloud Advantages   Scalable Workload Your business may face situations where your current server cannot handle as excessive workload or temporary spikes in workload. Instead of buying a new...

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The biggest concern for VoIP phones and technology is VoIP fraud.  VoIP fraud is such an issue, that it deters many businesses from adopting this new technology.  Because VoIP is an internet-based system, it is more susceptible to the common problems, in which the internet faces. You have obviously heard about fraud (but hopefully have never experienced it). Fraud is essentially defined as any dishonest action...

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Data Storage

Local, or Off-site Data Storage, that is the question. A couple years ago, this was not even a question; the only option was local storage. However, technology is continuing to advance, and now in the internet age, IT professionals have accepted the power of the World Wide Web. Are you wondering which data management is right for your business? The following are advantages and disadvantages to local data...

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NEC SL1100 Release 5

DSX software versions 3.44.06 and higher provide the E911 emergency dialing feature. DSX E911 simplifies 911 emergency call dialing by allowing a user to go to any telephone, lift the handset, and just dial 911. It is no longer necessary to dial an access code, press any additional keys, or wait for a line to become free. The system will disconnect a busy line, if...

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