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Teltek Blog

Realiable IT Support Without Breaking the Bank

 You Don't Have to Break Your Piggy Bank! Running a business is costly--after all of the expenses, employee salaries and taxes are paid, what is left for the office technology budget? Most companies just leave it out all together and don't even plan a budget around IT. This leads companies to outsource all of its IT problems to a company on an "as-needed basis,"otherwise known as the...

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 Colocation It can be hard to decide what type of hosting service is right for your business and IT systems. There are various types of hosting services, which vary in price and offer different amounts of control over each system. Colocation is at the top of the list of the various types of hosted services because it typically costs more than the cloud, but also offers...

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Introducing PlanWell Smartscreen

Are you tired of that old whiteboard in your conference room? Are you tired of opening a dry-erase marker to find that it is dried out? Well the solution is here! We are pleased to announce our newest product offering: the PlanWell HD-LED SmartScreen. This new product allows you to be more productive, effective, and improve your meeting experience!   Improved Productivity The SmartScreen not only takes place of your whiteboard,...

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 Colocation For Your Business Let's first start with the question: What is Colocation? Colocation is a facility or space that a business can rent to house its equipment, and associated software. The major reason as to why a business would engage with a colocation provider is because people want to control and own their business equipment, but not the data center that it sits in. There are...

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Clear Internet is Shutting Down

CLEAR Internet Shutting Down-How Exede Can Help! As you may know, earlier this year, the Sprint subsidiary announced it is shutting down its CLEAR 4G (WiMAX) service in November. It all ends on November 6, 2015 at 12:01 AM EST. This will leave CLEAR internet customers finding themselves in a bind and in need of internet service. By being proactive, rather than reactive, you can avoid...

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Phone Systems for Your Business: Premise or Cloud Based?

Business Telephone Systems Choosing a business telephone system can be a tedious task with all of the research that has to be done. It is a large investment that requires careful analysis. When selecting a business telephone system, you may want to consider the following:   1. Is my business growing? It is pretty obvious that as a business owner, you want your business to grow and expand. But what happens...

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