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Teltek Blog

Their past security woes with Internet Explorer have had many running, not walking to competitive products like Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Microsoft Edge browser aims to improve security and inspire confidence in Microsoft from users.   In a recent blog post, Crispin Cowan, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Edge, talked about how his team is building a better browser. In summary, he asserts that security is most often compromised...

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I'm constantly "doodling."  Ever since I was a kid I would find myself aimlessly drawing designs on my notebooks and papers while listening to a story, lecture or now during a meeting.  Was I not paying attention or distracted?  I think it actually helps me focus and there's data to support that theory.  The current research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and design are...

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Secure Your Voice Using VOIP

Have you gotten hit with an enormous bill from your provider and have no idea where the charges came from? You may be a victim of telephone fraud—yes, telephone fraud. We have all heard of credit card fraud and identity fraud, but what is telephone fraud? People can hack into your telephone system and make international, long distance calls, and even listen to and monitor...

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Check out the video to learn how Avaya helps Carlo's Bakery take the Cake Boss!!   Picture it, you're a family owned and operated business that's been going strong since 1910.  You have a great reputation in your neighborhood (and in NYC which is right across the river) and you want to grow.  You're offered and accept the marketing opportunity of a lifetime.  Now the...

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After operating on a Nortel phone system for over 10 years previously, Standard Plumbing was primed for an upgrade.  They were able to  improve communications with their customers and collaboration with their employees across their 50 locations and the corporate office  with the new system that included Outlook integration, IM and presence features.  Check out the Video: Standard Plumbing, "effective, efficient, faster" using Zultys' unified communications Whether...

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Relocating Your Business

Relocating your business? Teltek can help!   Relocating your business is a stressful task that is unavoidable. There are a lot of factors to consider when moving your business, like your phone and internet service, cabling, and overall how you will move all of your business technology. As you can imagine, relocating your business is a very long process. So proper planning must be put into place...

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