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Managed IT Services
Based in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Comprehensive tech support and network maintenance

Does this sound familiar?

    1. You need IT support, but are having trouble finding qualified people you can really depend on and trust.
    2. An in-house IT team sounds like a great option, but the cost is prohibitive and you need a team with diverse technology skill sets.
    3. You’ve invested in technology systems and architecture, but are frustrated by how poorly they are performing and how quickly it becomes obsolete.
    4. You’d rather not shoulder the burden and expense of managing an IT team, providing ongoing training, and updating equipment.

There’s no denying that technology dominates the way we do business, manage organizations, and stay connected. This heavy reliance has created an equally heavy demand for qualified technology professionals who know how to keep your core systems and networks operating as they should, minimizing interruptions.

Common issues include:

    • Security threats
    • Backup and disaster recovery
    • Reactive system maintenance (waiting until something fully breaks down, without a strategic IT plan in place)
    • Programs and tools that don’t work
    • Integration issues: getting new technology to work alongside systems and applications you already have in place
    • Difficulty communicating with customers
    • Having to manage multiple vendors
Managed IT Services

Learn about Teltek’s IT Services

    Managed IT Services vs. IT Support

    What is the difference?

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    Managed IT

    Managed IT Services refer to any specialized technology services offered by a third-party managed services provider. In other words, you would partner with a company that is dedicated to providing holistic support for you and all of the mission-critical tech you rely on.

    IT Support

    Traditional IT/helpdesk services, on the other hand, offer a less comprehensive approach. They focus more on break-fix solutions, putting out fires as they pop up, while Managed IT providers will help you maintain a healthier technology environment. This translates to fewer issues overall, and the ones that do inevitably arise can be swiftly dealt with to minimize downtime and expense.

    Quick Tip

    Take a step back and really consider the technology you use and how you most need help, then line that up with the services and core competencies offered by your prospective provider. The most successful partnerships are formed when you find a team that really knows and understands how to serve you best, rather than shoe-horning your needs into a service package that doesn’t quite fit.

    We’ve seen firsthand what can happen when a service relationship is built on a weak foundation. Our first priority is to present and provide the best solutions, building a better foundation, and this starts with a thorough consultation and needs analysis.

    Benefits of Managed IT Services

    Why is managed IT a good fit for your business?

    • More cost-effective than paying for an in-house team or managing multiple vendors
    • Never worry about hiring, recruiting, or training personnel
    • Consistent support
    • Avoid the need for unplanned, expensive hardware upgrades
    • Align with specialized professionals that are ready to help you and your team
    • Flexible programs
    • Consistent, predictable costs that fit more easily into your budget
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    Teltek's Managed IT Services

    Comprehensive tech support and network maintenance you can depend on. Contact us today!

    Managed IT FAQ

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