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Small Business Phone Systems
Based in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Cloud-Based VOIP and Traditional Premise-Based

Don’t hang up.

We have the phone systems, service, and solutions you need to stay connected.

Communication technology has expanded and evolved over the years, but there’s still no replacement for a core phone system. It’s a reliable point of connection for your clients and customers, and streamlines business communication between your team members.

But we’re not talking about the clunky, analog phone of yesteryear.

Today’s small business phone systems leverage the best in modern technology, smoothly integrating advanced features and capabilities without sacrificing core functionality you’d expect from a desk phone. Here at Teltek, we’ve specialized in helping business owners and managers weed through their options and make smart decisions since 1996, picking just the right phone system for their specific needs.


    Phone Systems vs. Phone Services

    Business Phone System

    A business phone system is the hardware portion, including the phones themselves, cabling, technology, and features, all used to make phone calls both internally and externally.

    Phone Service

    Phone service is the actual local, long-distance and international phone service and support that keeps your phones connected to others on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

    Why is this important to differentiate?

    Well, it can be easy to assume that one comes with the other, but that’s not always the case. You need a solutions integrator who can help with each facet of system selection, installation, connection, and maintenance/troubleshooting. Unlike many service providers, the Teltek team always performs a site survey to gain a better sense of your specific landscape and needs.

    Premise-based vs. Cloud-based Phone System

    If you have an on-site phone system server and infrastructure, like a traditional PBX system (Private Branch Exchange), your system is premise-based.

    A cloud phone system, on the other hand, isn’t tethered to any local equipment (beyond your phone devices themselves and typically a monitoring gateway). This VoIP phone (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a cloud-based system that’s used over an internet connection and combines both phone service + phone system into one vendor.

    In today’s fast-changing, remote work environment, premise-based phone systems have become dated and costly/cumbersome to manage and maintain. But many businesses and facilities are still using them for different reasons. At Teltek, we offer new cloud-based telephone systems and provide support to a variety of premise-based phone solutions from leading manufacturers with proven products.

    For cloud-based VoIP-capable phones, we offer Nebulosity: our cloud based phone system. The huge benefit is scalability; Nebulosity gives you the freedom of remote access, modern telework, and Unified Communications features in a low-cost, fully-virtualized platform. Adding locations and users doesn’t expand the footprint of your physical hardware or cabling, and it makes it easier than ever for people to work from wherever they need to. That’s a big deal since many are opting for remote work environments over a physical office space.

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    Microsoft Teams: simplifying communication and collaboration in a remote work environment

    With so much of the world working remotely now, Microsoft Teams stepped up in a big way to fill the need for seamless remote collaboration and conference calling.

    Organized Teams and Channels can focus on tasks and work closely across continents; you can chat, make calls, use online audio and video conferencing, store documents, and more, all in one place.

    Microsoft Teams shrewdly expanded their suite of services by offering Direct Routing, a way to take your business’ phones online with a service provider like Teltek. This means that when your office has incoming calls, they don’t go to voicemail in an empty office; they’re immediately routed to the right people within your Teams on their mobile devices.

    If you love the idea of using cloud-based technology but aren’t quite ready for a full switch to Microsoft Teams, ask us about our SIP trunking phone service on Microsoft Metaswitch or your existing premise-based phone system. It’s a great first step in a modern migration strategy to leverage the capabilities of VoIP without a full VOIP deployment.

    Contact Teltek with your questions about phone systems and service

    Still have questions? Maybe even more questions than you started with? That’s okay!

    There’s a lot to this, and the constant changes in technology doesn’t make it easy to keep firm footing. That’s what your team at Teltek is here for: using our knowledge and specialization to help you choose just the right system, and then integrate those changes seamlessly. Contact us today with your questions.

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