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Avaya Phone Systems

Avaya offers a wide breadth of phone solutions, including cloud services, unified communication platforms, and hardware (phones and more). The company has been around for over a hundred years (formerly as Lucent and AT&T). Avaya serves the majority of Fortune 500 firms and also has a comprehensive selection of great offerings for smaller businesses.


Benefits of Avaya include the brand’s longstanding track record of success across contexts, its wide range of products, and its systems’ powerful feature sets.


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Featured Products


Get AVAYA IP Office

Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office is a unified communications solution designed for small and mid-sized businesses.


The system addresses basic telephony needs, leverages built-in convergence capabilities, and capitalizes on unified applications to deliver intelligence to users and customers.


In other words, however you want to communicate at your business – whether through email, text, video conference, screen sharing, or more – IP Office provides solutions within a single platform. Its comprehensive approach simplifies processes and streamlines information exchanges within systems that are designed to be intuitive for all users.


IP Office is highly modular, allowing it to be tailored to meet a variety of business needs across different industries and scales. From home offices, to standalone businesses, to multi-location organizations, Avaya IP Office can serve as an ideal platform.


Businesses can also benefit from Avaya’s latest advancements in converged voice and data technology. The IP Office platform supports a wide range of telephones, including several Avaya series that are specifically designed for it.

j100 series avaya

Get Avaya IP J100 Series Phones

Avaya IP J100 Series

The Avaya J100 IP Phones are an innovative addition to Avaya’s IP phone product series. They are optimized for use on Avaya platforms but can also be used with selected non-Avaya call servers.


Aesthetically, they use a refreshed industrial design and present a slim profile for a minimal desktop footprint. They feature common software, providing a consistent installation and user experience. All phones ship with “SIP” software, which provides features and connectivity.


Features include:

  • Web access via touchscreen
  • Multiple displays (on J159 and J100)
  • Applications (i.e. calendar, presence information)
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Instant messaging capabilities
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 40-60% less energy usage than competitive solutions


Compatible with Avaya IP Office.

avaya 9500 series

Get Avaya 9500 Digital Series Phones

Avaya 9500 Digital Series

Avaya 9500 Series Digital desk phones allow businesses to provide expansive feature sets and highly reliable communications solutions to meet the different needs of many users. The series includes features that are intuitive and easy-to-use, leading to increased staff productivity and streamlined communications.


The 9500 Series can be deployed in mixed digital and IP telephony environments – a great benefit for companies seeking to upgrade from or to add to existing Avaya endpoints.


Features include:

  • Eye-friendly displays
  • Paperless, all-digital labeling
  • High-quality integrated speakerphone
  • Large capacity for contacts and call log functions
  • Headset compatibility
  • Fixed feature keys


Compatible with Avaya IP Office.

Ready to get started with an Avaya phone system?

Looking for help with an Avaya phone system? To make sure you get a solution that fits, it’s important to identify the right provider to work with.


We’re here to help.


At Teltek, we’re a Maryland-based business serving healthcare, education, manufacturing, office buildings, nonprofits, and senior housing and long-term care facilities by providing better phone services.


Even though many non-local phone providers will sell you a solution before knowing what infrastructure you have, we always come onsite to perform an assessment before you’re a client. We’ll always ensure your solution is working before we make a switch.


We service a variety of Avaya products, but we’ll never push you toward a single solution – we’ll make sure you get the system that’s the best fit.


If you’re in Maryland or the DC area and you’re looking for an Avaya partner that will have your best interests in mind, give us a call to take the first step today.

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