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Datto ALTO 2

The Datto ALTO 2 is the only business continuity solution that is designed for small businesses. This appliance used image-based backup and a hybrid cloud model, which provides you with up-scale performance at your small business. The ALTO 2 uses a hybrid cloud which offers advanced bandwidth management software, local restoration, and full cloud data copies. It also utilizes a proprietary technology, Inverse Chain Technology, which is a powerful backup solution that allows data to be accessed immediately on or off-site. Datto also has unlimited cloud storage capabilities, which allows easy custom retention, all while consolidating older backups to save space.

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Why Choose the Datto ALTO 2?

The ALTO 2 is the only hybrid cloud solution that allows you to keep systems running during data loss, power outages and disasters. The ALTO 2 is a business continuity solution that was designed for small businesses, in which the barrier of entry for both the solution provider and end-user is eliminated. All at a minimal cost, this appliance is compact and powerful, and allows you to take snapshots of your servers and workstations, then copies them to the ultra-secure Datto Cloud.

Screenshot Backup Verification

Datto ALTO 2 boots backups as virtual machines, which captures an image of the login page to provide you with proof that your data has been successfully saved. This industry first eliminates the stress of having to guess if your backup is working properly.

Hybrid Virtualization

The ALTO 2 enables local virtualization of small businesses to be flexible and powerful. Hybrid Virtualization technology initializes a virtual machine in the secure Datto Cloud, which then automatically connect to a local network through the ALTO 2 appliance on-site using a secure VPN tunnel.


The Datto ALTO 2 provides small businesses with revolutionary technology at a small price tag. Small businesses who currently depend on consumer-oriented, file-level backups now have a compelling, powerful, cost-effective alternative.


At 5 inches square and less than 2 inches tall, the Datto ALTO 2 is ideal for every small business. The appliance is extremely compact, which allows it to stay right on the desktop, attached to the back of the monitor, or anywhere else on the LAN.