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PlanWell HD-LED SmartScreen

If you are tired of that out-of-date whiteboard in your conference room, then this is the product for you. These new high-quality, high-impact flat-panel displays are an excellent tool to use to turn your business meetings into productive collaborations! The PlanWell SmartScreen replaces your whiteboard, conference room TV, computer and monitor. The SmartScreen has the ability to replace your whiteboard because it has its own on-board integrated computer. This built-in computer allows you to share files, plans, and virtually any document or presentation content.

What if you have a remote worker in another state, on the other side of the country, or even across the globe? No problem – no matter where your meeting participants are, the SmartScreen makes it easy to stay connected, with its video conferencing ability. You have the ability to share your screen with remote attendees, allowing all of the participants to see the topic of discussion.

With the PlanWell SmartScreen, you can interact, collaborate, and annotate in real-time. You can annotate BIM 3D models, hyperlinked drawing sets, estimating software, videos, and other applications used in the construction industry. What makes this tool even more efficient, is that you can save your annotations in the file for printing, emailing, or sharing with your team.

The SmartScreen has a 65″ screen, but is also available in other sizes (55″, 70″ and 84″) by special order.

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Why Choose the PlanWell SmartScreen?

With the PlanWell SmartScreen, you and your team can easily, quickly, and efficiently share and collaborate on any document.

Turn Your Meetings Into Collaborative Productions
Rather than sitting through a lecture with someone scribbling across a whiteboard, or running through a slide deck, the SmartScreen enables participants to engage with the content that is being discussed. Files can be edited, shared, saved, and accessed easily all on the interactive whiteboard.

Annotate Documents
The annotations that are possible with the SmartScreen are more than just making a note, or using a different color pen. The SmartScreen allows you to make effective, and persistent changes to any one of your documents. The board allows you to interact with BIM 3D models, hyperlinked drawing sets, estimating software, videos, and other construction industry applications. This will help you further improve communications and your document workflow.

The SmartScreen makes communication seamless; not only can you share files and documents with participants that are physically in the meeting, you can also easily share the screen with remote participants. Everyone will see exactly the same information, making sure that all of the collaborators are on the same track. At the end of the meeting, you can even email, print and share what was discussed to the attendees!

Mobile Connectivity
The SmartScreen also allows you to connect your iOS and Android smart devices with a single app. This allows even more data to be shared!

Touch Technology
You can throw away those pesky dry erase markers that always dry out, and the finicky pointers that never work on the screen. All you need for your presentation are your fingers! You can use from one to five fingers to interact with the touch-screen whiteboard, which will increase your efficiency, as well as keep you from getting ink stains all over your hands.

So, why choose the PlanWell SmartScreen? Why not choose it…what can this thing not do?