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Maryland Phone Systems & IT Support – Teltek > Viking Emergency Phone Panic Button Kit

Viking Emergency Phone Panic Button Kit

The Viking panic button kit provides a one-way talk path to a pre-programmed number. The button kit connects to a Viking 1600A series or E-30. The PB-1 will initiate the E-30 or 1600A series phone and enabled the party being called to light a red LED light to indicate that the call is connected. The party called with be able to hear the installation site, however, the site will not have the ability to hear the called party. This allows the device to show no indication that the site is being monitored, which makes for an effective security measure.

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Why Choose the Viking Emergency Phone Panic Button Kit?
The Viking Panic Button Kit provides you with top security and peace of mind. With its discrete surveillance feature, there is no indication that the device is monitoring the site. The device can be mounted anywhere and at any angle without being noticed. The Viking Panic Button is a great way to ensure that your site?whether it is an office, a restaurant, a motel, etc.?is being effectively surveyed.