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Maryland Phone Systems & IT Support – Teltek > WESII Point-to-point & Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Ethernet System, 5GHz

WESII Point-to-point & Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Ethernet System, 5GHz

The WESII Ethernet System is a wireless transmission system, in the WESII PoE series, that functions in the license-free 5GHz band, which enables a wire-free transmission path for an Ethernet channel. The system uses MIMO technology (Multiple In Multiple Out) that allows it to support as much as 100Mbps throughput. WESII Ethernet System is also compatible with IEEE802.11a/n, which allows the system to have faster speed and a stronger signal range.

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Why Choose WESII Point-to-point & Point-to-Multipoint?
Where it is not possible to install cabling, WESII Wireless Ethernet System provides a reliable and efficient transmission solution. The system is also designed to function in limitless environments with a range of temperatures, due to the weatherproof casings. The WESII Point-to-point is easy to set up, and tools are provided to enable proper installation.

Tools provided:
Features a built-in site survey to appraise local and in-band noise, which allows for a proper transmission frequency to be chosen
An antenna alignment tool that allows signal strength to be assessed, ensuring that the antenna are positioned correctly to utilize the best signal path