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4G LTE Cellular Internet Services
Based in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Quality internet is a crucial component of any business. With the workforce more agile than ever, the right internet solution allows teams to keep productivity maximized.

But what is the right internet solution?

In the Maryland and DC area, you have a lot of choices!

Ultimately, most businesses should rely on a fiber or coaxial based internet service for their primary means of connection (when available). The speed and network capacity here simply can’t be beat!

Like any office internet solution, however, fiber and coaxial technology could fail at any time. When that happens, your business’ primary communication lifeline is cut off. That is, unless you have a 4G LTE plan in reserve.

At Teltek, we offer streamlined 4G LTE internet solutions and back them up with unending access to our high-level techs who know your systems inside and out.

What is 4G Cellular Internet?

4G cellular internet is a reliable internet solution that is delivered over mobile networks using cell towers. To provide our clients with 4G cellular internet, we simply install a business class modem in their place of business and hardwire it into their existing network.

If your small business is searching for a backup internet solution that guarantees continuity in the face of pesky issues, 4G cellular just might be the solution for you.

Need a backup internet solution?

Learn about Teltek’s 4G Technology

    Why Choose 4G Cellular Internet


    We all heavily rely on the internet for nearly every aspect of work these days. Thus, it’s imperative to have a backup plan in place in case you experience any technical difficulties. If you experience an outage with your primary internet service provider, you can seamlessly connect to your 4G back up provider to keep your business from grinding to a halt. You can essentially view 4G cellular internet as a low-cost standby internet option that can be throttled up as a backup internet solution when needed.


    On the surface, a redundant internet solution seems like a valuable service to most businesses. But doesn’t that sound expensive? It doesn’t have to be! Many redundant internet options range from $300-$1,000 per month. This may seem reasonable to large enterprises, but what about smaller businesses that may not have massive funds to spare? That’s where 4G really shines. This is a low-cost option (generally under $99/month) that gives your small business the flexibility to stay productive even after a primary service provider outage.

    Ultra-easy Setup

    Out of all the internet solutions out there, 4G cellular internet is by far the easiest to set up from scratch. No intrusive hardware difficult installations here! As a result, you’ll also benefit from ultra-low startup costs when implementing a 4G cellular internet plan.

    Most Agile Internet Solution Available

    Unlike mobile hotspots, Teltek’s 4G internet solution is a built for business and includes a business-grade dual-SIM modem. Internet service can be set up quickly and easily integrated into your existing network to support desktop computers, VoIP phones and other hardwired devices.

    Optimize Your 4G LTE Solution

    Optimize Your 4G LTE Solution with an SD-WAN

    Ensure your 4G internet solution provides the best possible reliability.

    Consider combining the 4G LTE service with a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN). SD-WAN replaces costly internet connections like MPLS and point to point connections by utilizing multiple low-cost internet connections. SD WAN decides which connection offers the most effective transmission based on traffic and performance in that moment.

    In other words, an SD-WAN chooses the best internet option connected to it, and lets you use it until it can switch to a better performing network. For example, if you suffer a power loss on your fiber/coax network, it can switch you to 4G seamlessly. Overall, an SD-WAN can optimize your primary internet and your 4G connectivity to boost your performance and reliability to levels that previously would not have been possible.

    Why Choose Teltek for 4G Cellular Internet?

    There are multiple 4G cellular internet providers in the Maryland and DC area. Each offers its own unique host of benefits, and we can help you make the choice that suits your business’ needs the best.

    Whether your business needs a solution that offers maximum portability, or you simply want the added peace of mind of having an internet safety net, you can be sure the solution you receive will be tailored to the exact needs of you and your team.

    The scope of our services expands beyond just internet solutions. After providing personalized service for everything business phone and IT related for over 25 years, it’s safe to say we’re experts!

    Regardless of the service we’re providing, there are a few constants our clients can expect:

    Free onsite assessments

    We work with you to review your space and get things right – before you’re a client.

    Seamless migrations

    We only switch to a new system when we can guarantee it’s ready to go.

    Access to our experts

    You’ll never lose access to high-level techs. We’ll know your systems and you’ll know us.

    Make the jump to a backup internet solution optimized for the modern workforce!

    Request a consultation with Teltek today to start exploring 4G technology for your business!


    workers sitting on a wifi signal bench using laptops and smartphones connected to 4g lte