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Technology Expense Management
Based in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Improve your IT systems by optimizing usage, spend, and efficiency.

About Technology Expense Management (TEM)

When your primary focus is on growing your organization, it can be difficult to track the performance and efficiency of your technology and data assets at the same time.

However, it is imperative that businesses have a strong grasp on the efficacy and cost of their technological landscape in this day and age. Technology Expense Management is a service offered by IT providers to help businesses do just that.

As modern technology continues to evolve at an astonishing rate, TEM gives businesses the confidence that their own solutions are suitable for both their daily needs and their budget. At Teltek, we have been working with advanced technological solutions since 1996, and we always relish the opportunity to educate others about the advantages of trying TEM themselves.

What Is Technology Expense Management?

If your organization is like most, you probably have a full suite of technological solutions that effectively make up the backbone of your daily operations.

TEM takes the tracking and cost management of all your technological assets and puts them in the hands of the experts. This way, you can be sure that you and your team are using fully optimized solutions that maximize your intelligence and growth, all while still fitting your budget.

Technology Expense Management

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    I thought TEM was for telecommunications only?

    In the past, TEM solely referred to Telecommunications Expense Management. When this was the case, a streamlined telecommunications solution was a primary technological concern for businesses.

    Now, businesses have expanded their scope due to the emergence of new technologies, and they must account for much more than just telecommunications when managing their tech related expenses.

    This varies from provider to provider, but Teltek’s full suite of TEM services now accounts for each of the following categories:

    • Wireline Telecom and Internet Expense Management
    • Business Equipment (Printers/Copiers/Scanners/MFP)
    • Merchant Services
    • Energy Services
    • Cloud Services
    • Human Resources and Business Services

    Why Technology Expense Management?

    TEM sounds great on the surface, but what makes it such an easy choice for so many businesses? Turns out, there are several reasons! Here’s a list of some the main benefits businesses report after making the jump.

    Without TEM, organizations are left on their own to use their best judgement or luck for all these scenarios. At best, this usually leads to a tight budget with a lot of room for improvement. At worst, it can lead to the negligent violation of laws such as GDPR, Kari’s Law and HIPAA.

    Avoiding paying for services you no longer benefit from (or that you never benefited from).
    Optimizing the effectiveness of the tools you do benefit from.
    Gaining a transparent understanding of all technology service contract terms to avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road.
    Reducing the turnaround time for any pending service or billing disputes.
    Using your current spending and usage as parameters to discover trends and increase forecasting accuracy.
    Tracking inventory location, installation dates and renewal dates.
    Implementation and integration assistance.
    Faster procurement of new services.
    Ongoing monitoring and support from expert staff.

    How does technology expense management work?

    Before our clients commit to anything, we always offer free onsite assessments to get to know them and help them better understand how we can help.

    Once we are on board, we act as an intermediary between client and various technology suppliers. We work for our clients to understand their needs, educate them on the solutions available to them and document specific needs and objectives accordingly. This is turned into a Request for Proposals (RFP) that is sent out to multiple suppliers for each segment of services they want us to “shop” for them. From that point, suppliers will start submitting competitive offers for your service. These bids are assembled into an easy-to-read format, showing detailed analytics and Return on Investment (ROI).

    After our clients make the perfect choice for their needs, Teltek assists with onboarding these new vendors and integrating them into daily business operations. Throughout the sourcing and implementation process, The Teltek staff ensures a smooth and seamless transition. Once the transition takes place, the savings begin! In most instances, our clients find an annual savings of 15-45 percent from their current technology expenses. Streamlining technology expenses enables our clients to save money to direct funds to other areas of the company that could use more attention or funding.

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    Choose Teltek for Technology Expense Management

    Top Technology

    Teltek specifically chooses cutting edge AI driven software to take the risk of human error out of organizations’ expense management. That means that right away, we can start accurately accounting for remote working expenses, compliance violations and employee product allowances to better serve today’s agile workforce. Down the road, TEM insights allow businesses to make informed budget decisions by weighing future spend against future business objectives.


    In addition to our speedy service, our staff shares over 50 years in the technology industry which has allowed us to align ourselves with top notch and affordable vendors, partners, and service providers.

    Extensive Network

    Equally important, Teltek has worked with hundreds of customers to provide consulting and expense management. Of course, that means we have plenty of experience helping businesses of all types. Moreover, we are now effectively part of larger procurement network which gives us direct access to decision makers that individual businesses do not have.

    Specialized Care

    There are many businesses that offer TEM services, but Teltek does it best! While you might find larger providers out there, bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to TEM. Consider that choosing a local provider like Teltek gets you unending access to our friendly expert analysts, project managers and technical staff whenever you need it. Larger national companies, on the other hand, are more likely to view your business as just another nameless support ticket to work through.

    Want to learn more about Teltek’s TEM solution?

    Schedule your free phone and internet analysis today! Clients can see up to a 40% savings.


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