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Are Your Phones Ready for Life Support?

Are Your Phones Ready for Life Support?

One thing you may notice lately is that the life expectancy of phone equipment is not what it used to be. The old Bell Atlantic telephone in your grandmother’s home could be used as a hammer, paperweight or doorstop. That’s how tough they were.

Now that technology is improving so rapidly, equipment has to be constructed so that it’s not as expensive – which is great because it means phones are cheaper and can do more! Don’t be fooled, because now they also have a shortened life expectancy.

As technology continues to race along, Teltek has several programs designed to help you get the most out of your phone system with the least possible upfront investment. We even offer an option to rent a telephone system instead of purchasing, which saves you time and money with the freedom to stay in front of changing technology.

What’s even better is that included in the cost of the rental is a maintenance agreement that covers the entire system, cabling and liaison service with your phone and internet providers. If it breaks for any reason, Teltek fixes it.

Teltek’s Buy Back program acts as insurance against the ever-shifting technology as well– if you have a phone system that is aging and becoming obsolete, you can trade it back to Teltek. We’ll credit a percentage back to your account and you can choose a new system to have installed in your office.

Your new phone system won’t look like Grandma’s, but it can do a whole lot more for a lot less!

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