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How NOT to Shop for a Phone System

How NOT to Shop for a Phone System

Shopping for a pair of pants isn’t like purchasing a phone system for your business. You can return the pants if they don’t fit. A phone system is an entirely different matter – communication is the lifeblood of any business.

You can avoid the hassles of buyer remorse if you create a game plan before you start shopping. We’ve discussed the things you should do when purchasing a phone, so here are a few moves you shouldn’t make.

No Room to Grow – don’t purchase a system that isn’t scalable! If your business experienced rapid growth, could your phone system keep up, or would you have to start the process again? A scalable system grows with your business, instead of your business growing out of it.

Wrong Size – don’t purchase a system that is too big for you business. Hopefully you’ll grow, but don’t commit money to a system with features you can’t use. That’s why scalable is the way to go!

Pound Foolish – don’t enter into this process without a budget, and make sure you’re giving yourself enough room to work. Telephone systems represent a sizeable investment, but when your phones ring, opportunity – and sales – is on the other end.

Language Barrier – your new phone system may be interacting with your other current technology systems, so make sure they’re compatible and work in harmony. Ensure that all vendors communicate and understand the capacity and anticipated level of integration for each system.  Don’t forget, this also means your mobile phones.

Buying a Lemon – don’t purchase a system before trying it out, even if it means a visit to a showroom or a company that uses the phones. You don’t want to find the sound quality isn’t crystal clear when everyone dials in for a crucial sales meeting.

Alone at Home – don’t sign with a provider that can’t serve your geographical area – if there’s a service outage or a similar problem, you’ll want access to support that can be at your door in hours, not days.

Call 1.866.9 TELTEK – Installing new phone systems and providing a lifetime of support is what we do, and we’ve been doing it for more nearly 50 years! Teltek serves the Maryland, Washington DC and Pennsylvania areas, and we’re happy to help you with your next phone system purchase. You can request a quote today!

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