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Teltek – Small Business, Big Value

Teltek – Small Business, Big Value

When researching companies to install and support your telephone system, the size of the business who will be servicing you is something to consider.

Some business live by the mantra “get big fast”; big possibly translating to deeper pockets, and being faster and servicing more clients.  But, the value that these traits offer to their customers is only a perceived value. 

Although a larger telecom company may offer an initial lower price than a smaller company, take a close look at your quote.  Did they include all necessary modules and components to ensure that your phone system is functioning as promised (i.e. voicemail, cabling, licensing)?  Are they integrating all of the services you need to ensure successful operations (i.e. phone and internet service, etc.)?  Does the given price include some sort of maintenance should your system go down?  This lack of attention to detail will always cost the customer, whether it is money out of pocket, lost sales opportunities, lost employee productivity, or client dissatisfaction. 

Teltek is of a different mindset – “think big, stay small”; being small translates to quicker decision-making, more flexibility, and increased customer interaction.  During a difficult economy, it is our innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to honesty, and commitment to excellence that allows Teltek to remain a trusted authority in our field. 

The comparison boils down to quantity of work versus quality of work.  In the world of “bigger is better”, Teltek proves that great things come in small packages.  If you’re looking for a telecommunications company that knows its business, and services what it sells, give Teltek a call at 1.866.9 TELTEK.

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