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The NEC DSX Cordless DECT Telephone at a Glance

The NEC DSX Cordless DECT Telephone at a Glance

This is the 5th entry in our NEC DSX Small Business Phone System: Powerful, Affordable, & Flexible Monday blog series. Today we are overviewing NEC’s cordless DECT phone – Part number 730095.

What is DECT?
Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications: A cordless phone standard mostly used in Europe; however, DECT 6.0 is increasingly used worldwide. The first DECT standards were introduced by ETSI in 1992, and DECT phones have been used as cordless home phones as well as wireless extensions to the office PBX with users handed off to different base stations as they move around the building. DECT has also been used for wireless access to homes in third-world countries. Source: www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia

NEC DECT Overview:
NEC DSX Cordless DECT Telephone is the next generation mobility solution for the busy office. This new cordless telephone for NEC DSX uses advanced DECT wireless technology for improved clarity and range. The Cordless DECT Telephone offers the same extensive DSX feature integration as its sibling DSX Cordless Lite II, such as Call Forwarding, Call Coverage, Hotline, and Voice Mail. Additionally, the new Cordless DECT has 4 more fully programmable function keys with LEDs (8 total) for even greater mobile operability in a compact handset.


  • An enhanced LCD display W/ 24-character 2 line display and a 3rd line for unique call status icons.
  • Connects directly to a standard digital station port
  • Robust battery that supports up to 16-hours talk time or 7-days standby
  • A handset charging cradle with a slot to charge a spare battery
  • Using DECT 6.0 technology it offers an extended range practical range from handset to base station is about 165′ (office environment)
  • Maximum capacity 8-16 DECT handsets (call volume may be a factor)
  • Optional NEC DSX DECT Repeater(s) may be used to expand coverage and can be daisy-chained together to. This allows the user to walk through a facility and have their call “handed off” to one or more repeaters. The call is then automatically handed back to the Base Unit when the user returns to their desk. (PN: 730639)

To learn more about the NEC DSX Cordless DECT Phone or the other NEC DSX features contact your local NEC Dealer like Teltek in Maryland.

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