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Get Wired Up!

Get Wired Up!

Teltek's Girl on Wire










Greetings Blog Readers!

As a woman learning to navigate a technical arena, I’ve been searching for a way to share my entertaining experiences with those individuals (like me) who may be struggling to stay sane when it comes to understanding and fully embracing technology. Those of you who are “Techxperts” will get a good laugh at my expense.

Welcome to Girl on Wire! This weekly column will be “Tech Talk for Dummies” meets “Sex and the City”, minus the adult content. If “Tech Talk for Dummies” does not ring a bell with you, please refer to the first blog I ever wrote for Teltek.

I promise humor, helpful tips and fresh ideas from a female perspective. These brief articles will feature short stories about my experiences in life and with Teltek and how the two intersect. Tune in every Monday to keep up with Girl on Wire.

Please let me know your thoughts on the column and if you have subjects you would like me to cover. If I run out of material, I’ll have to bore you with stories about my dating life 😉


See you on line!


Teltek’s Girl on Wire

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