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3 Rules to Live By in The Phone Business

3 Rules to Live By in The Phone Business


Those of you who have worked with Teltek for many years know that we have struggled to find employees who hold up to the standards that my father, Bob Nicoli, has instilled in me.

If you have worked with him, you surely know that he is a very smart but simple man – in fact it is often commented that his best asset is his ability to uplift our customers’ office atmospheres with his wit and comedy. This is because when it comes to business, he has always had 3 very basic rules that he instilled in me at an early age and subconsciously I have adopted them:

  • Be on time, honest and clean cut (I know that is 3 right there, but 1 in my mind)
  • Don’t oversell a customer:  if they have an older AT&T or Lucent phone system that is constantly breaking and they don’t want something new, educate them on all options and do what they ask.
  • It doesn’t matter if you spend a $100 or $100,000 with Teltek, everyone gets treated the same because the real value of your business is customer’s relationship, loyalty and referrals.

This is great news for our customers, but has proven to be bad news for the majority of the job candidates who apply for positions with Teltek; also for my counterparts who are involved in the hiring process.  New hires go through an elaborate screening process that involves phone interviews, multiple face to face interviews with at lest 4 decision makers in both offices, background screenings, drug testing, a presentation of pros and cons of working at Teltek and personality assessments to name a few. If you think that is bad, you should see how we filter through resumes!

Screening job applicants in this manner is not only costly but has surely stunted our growth over the last 15 years in business. However, if you are a customer of Teltek’s you probably know why we decided to adopt this procedure. The last time you requested service how would you rate your experience with us? Was your call responded to promptly? Did one of our engineers show up on time and well dressed? Did you get what you asked for instead of a bill of goods that you did not need?

Now think about a bad experience you’ve had at a restaurant: how long did you have to wait to get seated? Was the server’s uniform clean? Did they try to sell you the most expensive item on the menu? Was the steak tender and seasoned to perfection or a cheap cut?

If you are anything like me, you would have simply complained to whoever you are dining with, paid the tab (probably not reflecting the poor service in the tip) and vowed to never come back to that place again.

How much money did that restaurant lose over the course of your lifetime due to the negative reviews you gave it? Perhaps, like some of our competitors, this is why the statistics on owning a restaurant are so adverse. 



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