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Girl on Wire – Party Animals

Girl on Wire – Party Animals

Well, the margarita fountain has been packed away and we’re back to business as usual here at Teltek. Our Open House was a fantastic success with over 300 party-goers in attendance. Guests of the festivities were able to network, drink from the margarita fountain and learn more about the fine art of teleworking.

If you’ve ever hosted an event like this before, you’re familiar with all of the prep that goes into it. In case you have not planned a party of this magnitude, here’s an inside look!

Shortly after our move into the ETC, initial planning was underway to find the best date for us, the venue and our sponsors. Soon thereafter, we hired Jessica Watson of jwatsoncreative to design an eye-catching logo and invitation. I think you’ll agree that eye-catching is an understatement!




A grand search then was commenced to locate the margarita fountain used at previous margarita party events. Never having been to one of these soirees myself, I thought perhaps it was a mythical object (since I could not find it in our storage shed). When it finally appeared in the basement of Teltek’s World Headquarters, we all breathed a sigh of relief. Then we decided two fountains would be better and we rented a second one.

Assembling the margarita basket door prize was also a great undertaking, but the result was breathtaking; fresh limes, tequila, triple sec, margarita glasses and a Teltek t-shirt were only a few of the treasures tucked inside. The coveted prize was topped off with a festive sombrero!








Party day was intense. We posted signs and balloons at the front of the building to direct our guests, moved tables out of the conference room and into the hallways, stocked the bars and filled the fountains.










The Teltek suite received a mini-makeover as well as the Teltek technicians worked hard to hang a few more art pieces and add a few finishing touches to our demo wall.








Our photographer arrived early to take a few photos of the Teltek team, office and party preparations and before we knew it, guests were arriving!




 The Teltek team photo at the 3rd Annual Margarita Party


 Although a few glitches tried to trip up our perfect plan (jammed staplers at the registration table, a non-functioning PA system) we worked around it and pulled off a “fountastic” event  😀

After our guests departed, cleanup began. It was a massive effort, but we all stayed late to return our beloved ETC to it is pre-party pristineness. If you read last week’s article on teamwork, you could add this as a follow-up chapter to the story.

It was a lot of work, but it is work we love and we look forward to next year!
Visit Teltek’s flickr page to see more pictures from the night of the Margarita Party including Baltimore Mayor Stefanie Rawlings Blake along with Teltek Employees.

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