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Is the RIM of the coffin going to be nailed shut for the manufacturer of Blackberry cell phones?

Is the RIM of the coffin going to be nailed shut for the manufacturer of Blackberry cell phones?

Last month Blackberry users experienced a major outage worldwide. Most of it was related to text, email, and internet access, but some voice services were also interrupted in certain areas. Over the last few days users in certain areas have been and are experiencing issues with their RIM manufactured Blackberry phones. Teltek is a user of Blackberry cell phones and we have been experiencing intermittent issues as well – appointments in Microsoft Outlook are just fine, but they are disappearing on the Blackberry, seems to be the most common issue for us right now. Thank you Microsoft for Outlook Web Access as a workaround. As a Maryland Avaya and NEC phone system dealer, we know how important it is to have your phones working all the time.

There is a strong user base of approximately 70 million global subscribers, but they are being alienated by these recurring outages and issues. Android based devices and Apple devices are major competition for Blackberry, and they would certainly welcome RIM customers churning over to use their devices.

Right now there are a lot of “Sour Blackberries” and if they were already on the fence, these issues may shove them over the edge. These outage issues just don’t seem to be an issue that RIM is capable of fixing, as outages have happened at least once annually since 2007. The blackberry devices themselves are good devices, but something has happened in their infrastructure or processes that is causing these systemic failures and issues to keep cropping up. Just do a search on Twitter for the #DearBlackberry tag to experience the level of frustration out there. There are also many investors clamoring for a change to the board, and some have even asked RIM to sell itself.

In ending, I honestly think the nails are sitting right next to the coffin for RIM – not nailed in yet, but close. While Teltek is not currently marketing cell phones, that may change in the future, as may our choice of cell phone devices.

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