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NEC DSX System Software 3.40.18 Available for Beta Trial

NEC DSX System Software 3.40.18 Available for Beta Trial




NEC Corporation announced that it has made the latest version of its DSX phone system software available for testing on the DSX Dealer Forum. You must register online and log in to be permitted to download the software. This system software is also available from System: Update in the System Administrator.

This latest version is a maintenance release that includes the following corrections:

• Message Notification callouts operate correctly over SIP trunks. Message Notification over SIP trunks was not supported in prior releases.
• The system will automatically strip the leading + (or +1) from incoming numbers on SIP trunks. This improves the Caller ID display and enables Caller ID Callback on Level3 DID SIP trunks (such as nexVortex).
• The ML440 handset will properly disconnect and return to idle while on an Intercom call and the far end hangs up first.
• If an extension user presses INTERCOM and dials *# to answer a call ringing a member of their pickup group, the call is answered and moves to the user’s loop key (if there is no available line key). In prior software versions, the call was answered but didn’t appear on the loop key.
• If an IP extension tries to register at an extension that already has another extension registered, the new registration is rejected. In prior versions, this condition would cause a registration refresh (and brief loss of service) for the registered extension.
• If a third-party SIP extension loses its registration, but the registration in the system is still active, the system will accept the reregistration attempt if it comes from the same IP address as the initial registration.

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