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Girl On Wire – Let's Get Festive!

Girl On Wire – Let's Get Festive!

At Teltek, we like to work hard and play hard! Living and working in Baltimore City is a fantastic adventure and one of the aspects I love about Baltimore is the city’s appreciation of celebration in the form of festivals. The arrival of Spring kicks off a plethora of outside events that feature crafts, entertainment, food and fun for all ages and interests.

There are far too many to mention in one blog, so I’ll highlight some of the fetes I have been to personally so you get the Girl On Wire perspective. ALL of these are free to attend and I included the dates they occur in chronological order so you can mark your calendar now for the 2012 Baltimore festival season 🙂

Flowermart: (May 4-5) Held in the immediate area that surrounds the Washington Monument in Mount Vernon, this colorful event is primarily for admiring and purchasing a lovely assortment of blossoms and blooms from 130+ vendors. In addition to flowers, you will also find garden accessories and unique gifts. The entertainment at Flowermart consists of a few bands, magicians, a hypnotist and dancers. There’s also a hat contest, car show and a pet parade. Food vendors offer a variety of concessions, including lemon peppermint sticks – a lemon with a candy cane stuck in it (I don’t understand the appeal, but I guess I should try it some time). Conveniently held just before Mother’s Day, you can find Mom that special something. Last year I bought my Mom a 6 foot high silk sunflower and blew my siblings’ gifts out of the water. Score one for the firstborn!

Sowebo Arts & Music Fest: (May 27) Break out your flowy dresses and dreadlocks for this bohemian music-lovers mecca! Sowebo stands for South West Baltimore and the fun can be found in the Hollins Market area on the 1100 and 1000 blocks of Hollins Street. There are 4 stages with jam packed schedules for local bands. There is also a food court and art and craft vendors. What’s great about Sowebo is the wide variety and abundance of music. If you don’t like the sound of a band, just amble over to another stage and you will eventually find one that rings your bell.  

Honfest: (June 9-10) Welcome to Bawlmer Hon! This hilarious street fair takes over the small, eclectic neighborhood of Hampden, which is already a fun place filled with lovely boutiques and trendy restaraunts. The madness occurs on 4 blocks of 36th Street, otherwise know as The Avenue and assembles a variety of fair food, bands and crafts. The Miss Hon pageant allows you to see the very best Hons Hampden has to offer as they strut across the stage in cat eye glasses, beehive hairdos and leopard print. What’s really unique about Honfest is that anyone can be a Hon. You can show up in shorts and a t-shirt, get your hair “done” right there at the festival, add a hot pink feather boa and you’ll blend right in! If you don’t want to dress the part, you will still be entertained by one of the best people-watching opportunities of the whole year.

Artscape: (July 20-22) This is the largest free-of-charge art show on the East coast and draws in over 150 artists and craftsmen and 350,000 attendees each year. My nickname for this event is “Sweatfest” because it always seems to occur on the hottest days in July, but that’s a good reason to buy one of those giant lemonades and it’s still a great time. The festival takes place over 12 city blocks on Mt. Royal Avenue and Charles Street. The Artscape website claims it will have 122 spot-a-pots, so you can have as much lemonade as you want! I can honestly say that I’ve never left Artscape empty handed, the variety of talented artists is unbelievable and you’ll see everything from jewelry to pottery to handmade clothing. There’s also entertainment in the form of concerts, dancers and theatrical performances.

So there is your Spring/Summer festival rundown. I’ll cover Fall festivities in a few months. Until then, go get your festival on!


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