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Girl On Wire – House Party

Girl On Wire – House Party

Earlier this month, I was in Washington, DC for the Around The World Embassy Tour. A few times each year, select embassies representing countries across the globe, open their doors to the general public for a glimpse inside their part of the world. Embassies are considered an extension of the home country’s territory, so when you cross the threshhold of an embassy, you are technically in that country, so visiting these ambassadorial establishments can be an awesome experience.

Last year I went with a group of friends and this year I brought my Mom. We were awestruck to be inside the local offices of such exotic places as Egypt, Bangladesh and Pakistan. My previous impression of embassies was changed after my first embassy tour. In the movies, embassies are massive fortresses with heavy iron gates and security guards in every corner. In DC, these government compounds vary from country to country. Some are housed in very average-looking office buildings, while others are in beautiful townhomes with adjacent gardens. Eye-opening experience is an understatement!

Something you may not know about Teltek is that we service the phone systems at some of these embassies. We have customers worldwide!

This tour got me thinking of the great impact an open house can have on a company and its customers. Hosting an open house event at your business location can be an enormous undertaking, but the payoffs can be great. You can have more control over the environment, save money and enjoy being on your home turf.

It’s easy to assume that your guests would prefer to be in a nice restaurant or off-site venue, but opening your doors could provide attendees with a deeper understanding of who you are and what you do best.

I’m always encouraging people I meet to stop in and visit our offices in Baltimore and Westminster because they are both so interesting. The Westminster office, otherwise known as Teltek World Headquarters, is located in a charming rowhouse on Main Street. It has hardwood floors, a fireplace and an impressive collection of antique phones.

The Baltimore office, housed in the Emerging Technology Center, is the more modern of the two and is home to our demo wall, which has the latest models of Avaya and NEC phones installed on it.

If you typically don’t get a lot of visitors, an Open House is a great opportunity to show off your office space and give your clients and strategic partners a peek inside your world. At Teltek, we like to share more about ourselves than the professional side. We want you to know about our interests and what we find humorous and how we celebrate. There is a gong we ring when a sale is made, you might not ever know that except it’s in our Baltimore office!

An open house can allow visitors to meet your entire staff, not just the ones out on sales and service calls, but the people they talk to all the time, but never see. How often have you heard, “Finally, a face to go with that voice!”

It’s important to know that an open house is not always a good idea. If you work in your Mom’s basement and have not cleaned in 2 years, do everyone a favor and host your event off site. Weigh out all the options before deciding if an on-site fete is the best solution.

If you attended Teltek’s 2011 Open House event last year, you saw where the Baltimore crew spends their time and you were able to check out our way cool demo wall.

Whatever you decide, party on and be on the lookout for details on Teltek’s 2012 Margarita Party!

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