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Top 5 Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts

Top 5 Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts

Building on the popularity of its search engine, Chrome is a free browser in the ever growing family of Google products.  Since 2008, Chrome has offered an alternative browsing option for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.  In 2013 I officially made the all out switch to Chrome as my go to browser.  While I’m by no means a master, here are a handful of tips that make web surfing a breeze.


Top 5 Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Oops!  Reopen the last closed tab –  It happens (all to frequently.) You close a tab only to realize that you needed one more thing from the website before being finished.  Now you’re just a simple CONTROL + SHIFT + T key combination away from getting it back.
  2. You’re interested in reading more about this topic but don’t want to go down the proverbial rabbit hole and lose your place in the exiting article, click SHIFT + the link to open a hyperlink in a new window.
  3. Press BACKSPACE to go back to the last page you visited.
  4. Hold CTRL + R to refresh the page.  I’ve found this to be extremely helpful when stalking a ticket buying website to wait to pounce at the exact moment that ticket sales open for that concert I’ve been dying to see.
  5. Looking for a particular section or word?  Quickly click CTRL + F to open the find window to search for exactly what you need within the page.


Thanks to our friends at HubSpot for this awesome cheatsheet that includes my favorites and a whole lot more for your mac and PC!!


Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts – Cheat Sheet



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