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Introducing DSX E911!

NEC SL1100 Release 5

Introducing DSX E911!

DSX software versions 3.44.06 and higher provide the E911 emergency dialing feature. DSX E911 simplifies 911 emergency call dialing by allowing a user to go to any telephone, lift the handset, and just dial 911. It is no longer necessary to dial an access code, press any additional keys, or wait for a line to become free. The system will disconnect a busy line, if necessary, to place the 911 call. If an access code is dialed, the 911 call will still go through.

You may have a responsibility to provide E911 dialing in certain areas and for specific applications. For example, Kari’s Law in Texas (Senate Bill 788) imposes a 911 accessibility requirement. You can meet this challenge in DSX by updating to this new software and doing a few simple programming steps.

Important! Be sure to consult with your legal advisor to determine your responsibilities in meeting the emergency dialing requirements in your area.

DSX E911

For more information on the DSX E911 feature, review the following manual:


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