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Cooling Unit For Your Server Room: Is It Really Beneficial?

Cooling Unit for Server Room

Cooling Unit For Your Server Room: Is It Really Beneficial?

Why Should You Keep Your Server Room Cool?

Most likely, you have a dedicated space in your office where your computer equipment is maintained. This space is most often times referred to as the ‘server room’. The server room is an essential part to any company’s computer system. Having an effective cooling system for your server room is imperative. If your server room has poor air circulation and high temperatures, your computer equipment can malfunction. By regulating the air flow and temperature in your server room, you will eliminate the risk of equipment failure.

Typically, spaces that are used for server rooms were designed with a classic AC service for human occupants. However, some modern office buildings have designs that dedicate a space to be used as a server room and have climate control options available. If you do not have a room that was designated to house your server equipment, it is important to explore the alternatives to extend your existing air conditioning system.

Portable Air Conditioning Units:

These units can provide you with greater control over the climate in your server room by:

  1. Offers a significant economic advantage by allowing you to turn on the unit, day or night, without turning on the buildings central cooling system.
  2. Offers strategic placement by allowing you to put the unit wherever you would like the cooling to be focused.
  3.  The portable unit can be adjusted to seasonal temperatures with hands-on options.
  4.  Because the unit is portable, server rooms can be created and controlled by simply moving the units to the other. This provides you with flexibility in business expansion!


Considerations When Adding Portable A/C Unit’s To Your Server Room

Perhaps the most significant concern when adding a portable A/C unit is the availability of power. If the unit does not have a reliable source of power, it will not be able to do its job efficiently. To allow the unit to perform its job to the best of its ability, you should have the unit plugged into an outlet that is connected to a circuit. To eliminate power outages, the circuit should not be already serving other high-draw appliances.

Another consideration is ventilation. This is especially vital when a space was not designed to be a server room and house critical equipment. A simple solution to this concern is the utilization of a ‘drop ceiling vent kit.’ This allows you to connect the exhaust port of the air conditioner to an outflow air vent that is near the ceiling. The kit allows you to keep heat out of the room from the actual unit, while maintaining necessary airflow.

It may not seem like a major concern, but picking the right unit for your sever room is a task that should be considered carefully. You have to determine the amount of time that you expect the unit to be in operation–Will it be used every once in awhile, on an as-needed basis to extend the existing A/C system, or will it have to operate continuously for several days? Most cooling units are not equipped to operate continuously, so you need to determine what unit/model will best fit your needs.


What kind of cooling system do you use for your office’s server room? Do you use a portable unit? Was the room designed to house computer equipment when the building was built? Are you even cooling your server room? If you are not, it is critical that you do so. If you need help with this, call us at 1.866.9.TELTEK, or visit our website–we look forward to hearing from you!



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