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How Can You Customize Your Avaya IP Office Phone System?

How Can You Customize Your Avaya IP Office Phone System

How Can You Customize Your Avaya IP Office Phone System?

The Avaya IP Office phone system is a powerful and versatile tool for businesses of every size. Much of the versatility stems from the numerous customization options available.


The Avaya IP Office System 101

Avaya IP Office allows for the rapid scaling of communications as your needs change. With as few as five users, you can get started! The Avaya IP Office system can expand to a whopping 3,000 users at a single location or up to 150 places, making it a wonderful solution for companies with remote workers. Everyone utilizing Avaya’s system will have access to voice and video calling, messaging, conferencing and unified communications through a single Avaya platform.


Your Customization Options


  • Four unique voicemail options, including:
    • Basic Edition Voicemail: A free version designed for a small group of users
    • Office Essentials Edition: Also known as Embedded Messaging and perfect for up to 32 users
    • Preferred Edition featuring a meet-me conference bridge and robust messaging system, and ideal for companies with more employees or multiple locations
    • Advanced Edition with call center capabilities and supervisors, agents and reporting, in addition to all of the Preferred Edition capabilities
  • A wide range of phones, both digital and IP, to meet the needs of every area of your business. The base phones include simple options for desk workers and multi-feature phones for receptionists and others who need more from a phone.
  • The ability to integrate several legacy model phones, including the Avaya Partner Euro-1 and Euro-1 models, Avaya 4600 and Avaya 2400 series phones.
  • IP Office Mobile Worker for employees who frequently move locations within your building or outside of your building.
  • IP Office Teleworker for home and remote workers located anywhere in the country.
  • IP Office Power User for managers, executives and other high-level personnel who need access to customers and communications quickly and easily on the road and in the office.
  • IP Office Multi-Site for companies with more than one location.
  • And many more! Please schedule a consultation with Teltek to learn more about our customization options.


Avaya IP Office Solutions from Teltek

Teltek has innovative telephone and technology solutions for businesses of every size, budget and need. Contact Teltek today for a free consultation at 1-866-9-TELTEK or 410-552-6580.

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