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The Benefits of Using a Managed Print Solution

Managed Print Solution

The Benefits of Using a Managed Print Solution

How many times have you rushed to print something out before a presentation or client meeting only to find you didn’t have enough toner or paper to get the job done? A managed print solution is one way to make your office run more smoothly and prevent bumps in the road that happen when you run out of critical office supplies.

What Is a Managed Print Solution?

A managed print solution, like the one offered by Teltek, helps offices and businesses to increase productivity, reduce costs and minimize waste. Managed print solutions don’t require you to settle or cut any corners, as they still utilize leading brands like Konica Minolta, Kyocera, HP, Lexmark, Xerox and Panasonic. Choosing a managed print plan takes another thing off of your plate and ensures that your office runs smoothly every day.

The Benefits of a Managed Print Solution

  1. Save Time: Copy and print-related tasks can take up a great deal of time. If your employees are relying on outdated hardware and constantly dealing with toner and paper supplies running out, these tasks can also be stressful. By investing in a managed print solution, you will be able to free up more staff time and increase employee efficiency.
  2. Reduce Costs: One of the biggest areas of wasted money and inefficiency at many businesses is printing and copying. Maintaining numerous individual devices costs a great deal. If you are constantly over-purchasing toner and paper due to fear of running out, you are also wasting money. Teltek uses detailed calculations to determine exactly how much paper and toner you’ll require and adjust accordingly. We also can provide you with hardware and the maintenance it needs to stay in great condition.
  3. Improve Cash Flow: The cost of purchasing new hardware can be insurmountable for some business. Managed print allows you to pay a consistent fee every month, so you’ll always know what to expect. If there’s a problem with your printer, you’ll receive maintenance without an additional arm-and-a-leg fee tacked on top.
  4. Help the Environment: Managed print solutions can also help you to reduce your environmental footprint through a better understanding of how much paper you’re using and where you can reduce printing.

Explore Managed Printing with Teltek

Teltek is a leader in managed print services for businesses of every size. If you are ready for a better way to take care of your copy and print tasks and learn more about how we can benefit your company, contact Teltek today. For a complimentary consultation, give us a call today at 1-866-9-TELTEK or 410-552-6580.

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